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5 times ordinary people won extraordinary money at the casino

Over the years, a lot of people have won huge money in casinos, but a look at these winners will reveal some of them as advantage gamblers or high rollers.

An average casino player will not have the wherewithal to play high stakes, and they do not know the strategies or possess the skills that will earn them regular money like the experts that use casino comparison sites.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that ordinary people cannot land huge wins in casinos. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 everyday gamblers that succeeded in winning huge money at the casinos.

  1. Patricia Demauro

She has the record for the most craps rolls without a seven. It was after 154 straight rolls that she eventually rolled a seven. One thing we need to know is that Demauro is just an everyday craps player out there who does not claim any form of expertise in the game and claims not to have any secret to dice control. In fact, she could be described as a layman in the casinos because she rarely visits them. But on that fateful day in 2009, she decided to spend some time at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. She went with her friend John Capra, and while the friend wanted to enjoy some poker, Demauro spent time on the slots. But after some time at the slot machines, she got tired and switched to craps.

Now, it should be noted that she has only played craps once in her life, so when she asked her friend to guide her through the game, she never knew that she was on her way to breaking and setting records in the history of the game. When Damauro picked the dice, she started rolling, and at some point, she attracted a huge crowd as she kept rolling without crapping out. Now, the odds of achieving what she did could be described as 1 in 156 trillion, so it’s like she did the impossible, and this paid her several hundred thousands of dollars.

  1. Jon Heywood

He was a British soldier that won one of the biggest jackpots in real money slots. It was in 2015 that the Mega Moolah progressive slot from Microgaming paid him £13.2 million pounds. This happened when he came back from a military deployment in Afghanistan. He took up a minimum wage job when he came back to the country and gambled as side stuff. This is to say that the Brit has a very small bankroll to manage. The fact is that he had just £30 in his account, before landing the mega jackpot that made him popular. She was staking 25p for every spin and this led him to trigger the bonus round. From the bonus round, he went ahead to win the record breaking mega jackpot. Now, when he won the jackpot, the man thought he had just won £10,000, but on a closer look, he realized he had won millions of pounds. Instead of running to search for his dream home, he had patience til he got the money in his account. The news did not take him away from his minimum wage job until he had the money in his account too. He used the money to take care of his father’s medical bills and open a home renovation outfit.

  1. Cynthia Jay-Brennan

She took home the second largest jackpot in the history of slot games in the whole world in 2015. We are talking about the $34.9 million that she won at the Desert Inn Casino. She worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas and the winning came while she was on the Megabucks slot machine from IGT. When she landed the three Megabucks symbols during the base play, she got her hands on a life changing winning.

4. Kevin Ripski

Many gamblers will never consider Caribbean Stud when they think of games to give them that 7 figure winning. But that was not the case with Kevin Ripski, as he proved everybody wrong at the Venetian Las Vegas in 2018. The man from Ontario, Canada, started off by making $5 side bets with the intention of landing the Sands Millionaire Progressive jackpot payout. But this led to a royal flush which gave him an amazing $1,114,079 jackpot in return. Of course, he did not use what people will regard as the best strategy in the game because he did not know which the best is. Instead, he engaged in blind betting, which is to say that he does not look at the hands before placing bets. He said that he was surprised at the end of the hand, because he just let the user flip over her cards. Now, he does not use the masterful stud poker strategy, but he makes sure he gets to the jackpot. “I always play the bonus bet for the very reason if you hit it and are not playing the bonus, you will regret it for the rest of your life,” he added.

  1. Johanna Huendl

She was going for the breakfast buffets offered at Bally's Casino, Las Vegas in 2002, and something told her to play the Megabucks machine before the meal. This little moment of fun will go ahead to change her entire life for good, as she hit the Megabucks jackpot that paid her $22,621,230. The lady from Vienna, Austria had the urge to play the game after she saw someone win a $3,000 payout. Talking about the win, she said that she just looked away and back, and found out that the three Megabucks logos had been lined out. It was unbelievable to hear. She thought it was just $2 million, but went crazy when she realized that it was $22.6 million. Having been in America as a bride since 1956, she decided to use part of the money for a trip to Austria, her native land.


Everybody goes to casinos to win, but many never taste winnings. These are extremely lucky people based on the volume of their wins. But many people win smaller amounts regularly.

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