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67 major S. Korean firms cut greenhouse emissions by over 10%

Posco Energy had the most greenhouse gas emission slashed, cutting it by 56 percent.

Studies by CEO Score, a corporate data tracker, revealed that 67 out of 200 major South Korean companies cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 10 percent last year.

CEO Score examined how much greenhouse gas they emitted per 100 million won spent.

Posco Energy had the most greenhouse gas emission slashed, cutting it by 56 percent.

It emitted 698.3 tons per 100 million won in 2017 but reduced it to 307.3 metric tons per 100 million won last year.

Shinsegae, which had a 49.8 percent decline, came in at second.

LG Electronics ranked fourth with a 47.8 percent decrease.

Posco discharged the most amount of 47.8 percent last year, with 81.4 million tons.

State-run utility Korea Power Corp.’s five subsidiaries followed.

Korea South-East Power emitted 53.5 million tons, Korea East-West Power had 39 million, Korea Southern Power posted 36.6 million, Korea Western Power contributed 34.6 million tons, and Korea Midland Power discharged 34.2 million tons.

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