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‘Gears 5’ DLC release date confirmed in December with a story focused on ‘Hivebusters’ squad

From the Gears 5 official launch trailer. | Photo credit: Xbox / YouTube screenshot

It is finally confirmed that the “Gears 5” roadmap did not exactly end in the conclusion of the main campaign. Game developer The Coalition has now confirmed that a story DLC is in the pipeline and will be released before the end of 2020.

‘Gears 5’ DLC release date is set for December

DLCs are normally announced within a few months from the base game’s launch. Given that “Gears 5” was originally released in September last year, not many fans were expecting the popular third-person shooter to get any post-launch content.

However, that expectation was shattered in a good way recently when The Coalition confirmed to IGN that a “Gears 5” story DLC is on the way. A specific release date has yet to be announced, but the game’s principal lead producer Zoe Curnoe promised it will be released in December.

More details are also expected to be announced in early December, including the cost of the “Gears 5” DLC if there will be any. This could mean that a specific release date would not be revealed until then.

‘Gears 5’ DLC story: What to expect

As for the “Gears 5” DLC’s story, The Coalition did not give much information other than its title is “Hivebusters.” Curnoe said of the title, “It might give you a little hint as to what that content might contain.” And that would be a fair statement.

“Gears 5” features the three-player Escape game mode where players join the Team Scorpio of the Hivebuster squad. By default, the team is composed of Leslie Macallister, Lahni Kaliso, and Jeremiah Keegan while more characters were later added to the roster, including Marcus Fenix.

The Escape mode was already featured adequate gameplay by itself. Aside from the list of “Gears 5” characters players can use, it also features multiple map playlists. The main goal for Team Scorpio is to avoid getting killed by the Venom Bomb by escaping their way out of the Swarm Hive.

Considering the mechanics of the Escape game mode, it understandably did not have deep storylines even for its three default characters. But outside “Gears 5,” there is an entire comic book series narrating the adventures of the Hivebusters, and it would not be surprising if The Coalition would be taking some inspirations from it.

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