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HIV/AIDS Cure: Biotechnology company approved by the FDA to conduct human trials for potential HIV treatment

Photo by: Riya Prabhune/Wikimedia Commons

HIV/AIDS cure is one of the most discussed topics in the world of health and medicine. This is because this disease has been around for decades yet there is no definite treatment for it yet.

Although this chronic disease is manageable when proper treatment is administered the patient is still not free from the illness and had to be treated throughout his or her life. Continuous consumption of drugs and treatment may help but this process has negative side effects for prolonged use like aging and health complications.

This is also too expensive to maintain and not everyone can keep up with this. This is why finding the ultimate HIV/AIDS cure is still the best.

Is a cure possible?

At the moment, doctors and medical professionals have tried various strategies and approaches to formulate the cure to HIV/AIDS however, they still need to test these out and see if they will be effective and if there are possible negative effects. Patients are currently being treated with antiretroviral therapy which proved to be helpful in improving their lives but a total cure is yet to be found as per the National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI.

Finding the HIV/AIDS cure is needed right now to prevent life-long treatments and normalize the lives of patients again. Having a cure will also avoid hurting the person’s vital organs like the liver and kidneys due to medications. The good thing is - achieving the cure is still possible especially with the technology that is available today.

Potential HIV cure is ready for human trials

In fact, the FDA just recently approved the human trials to begin for the HIV/AIDS cure. This means that we are not getting closer to finally having a proper and exact medication for the disease.

CBS Baltimore reported that the American Gene Technologies (AGT) that is based in Maryland was given the go-ahead from the FDA. Thus, they can proceed with phase 1 of their clinical trial called AGT103-T. This is a gene therapy that will get rid of the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS in infected patients.

In the preclinical studies that were published on The Molecular Therapy Family of Journals, the AGT103-T was said to have shown the ability to clear HIV when challenged with the virus and infected human cells.

“I am confident AGT103-T will be an important step towards an eventual cure for HIV,” The Washington Times quoted Jeff Galvin, the CEO and founder of AGT, as saying.

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