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Is This NFT Project the Next CyberKongz?

Cyberkongz, a popular NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, was originally minted for .01ETH. Now, you can’t buy one for less than 75.5 ETH ($300,000+).

That’s a 754,900% ROI if you would’ve minted an OG Cyberkongz.

Since that price is out of many NFT investors’ reach, we’re constantly on the lookout for other projects with similar potential as Cyberkongz, Bored Ape Yacht Club, or Cool Cats.

We believe the Primate Social Society NFT project could be the next one to hit the moon because of the artwork, community, utility, and leadership. Let’s break it down.


Who is the artist? She goes by Knifebebe in the NFT space. She’s a talented tattoo artist in Portland, OR, and one of the few female NFT artists in a space dominated by men. Here is an example of some of her work:

Her partner, Forlane, was a contractor before the COVID-19 pandemic. After he realized he wasn’t going back to work anytime soon, he decided to get into cryptocurrency. He saw what was happening with NFTs and the major opportunity to bring a unique perspective to the art.

He showed some of the art selling for tens of thousands to Knifebebe. Of course, she said, “I can do that, but with my style!” And the Primate Social Society was born.

This conversation only happened about three months ago. Now Forlane, Knifebebe, and the entire PSS community have successfully given over $250,000 to different charitable causes. They’ve helped plant more than 50,000 trees (enough to offset minting 215,000 NFTs) And helped a young man named Kadory, safely relocate out of Iraq.

Leadership and Community

Once they launched the project, they sold out within a week and quickly attracted an engaged and committed community. Some members describe it as, “The only place in NFTs where the founders are actively engaged with the community every day. I know I can reach out for help with anything I need and get a response.”

As Forlane said, "99% of projects are just hype projects. Only 1% are in it to win it. Most project founders think 'I'm too good to be involved in my community.'

“From day one I've tried to stress how important it is to me to be involved in this project every day."

We believe this shows the kind of caliber of leadership in this project. Members aren’t just getting an announcement from the leadership every once in a while, they’re getting an entire “ape family.”

But that’s not all. It’s great to have good art and leadership, but most people buying NFTs want utility. And they have it.


By “sacrificing” five PSS apes, you can mint one Silverback. Your Silverback is a brand-new NFT that generates 11 $SILVER per day. $SILVER is an ERC-20 token and is central to the PSS ecosystem.

You can use $SILVER to breed babies, change the name of your Silverback, Apes, and babies, update their bios, and more. For more information on the project’s utility, check out this article.

To add icing to the cake, the Primate Social Society is the first 100% carbon negative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Like most cryptocurrencies, Ethereum uses a system called “proof of work” which requires massive amounts of energy. This is why there’s a fee to make a transaction on Ethereum. Ironically, the fee is known as “gas.”

Unfortunately, the proof of work system can be extremely resource-intensive. To offset the impact of the project, they committed to donating $50,000 to One Tree Planted and succeeded in doing so. Check it out:

Where to “Ape In”

You can find the Primate Social Society through the following links:

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