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Microsoft Flight Simulator launch in Xbox One is not ruled yet; preview for Paris, Macau add-ons now up online

From the trailer of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | Photo credit: Xbox / YouTube screenshot

The earlier announcement of bringing "Microsoft Flight Simulator" to Xbox Series X/S was not entirely surprising considering its success on PC since it launched last summer. While plans for bringing the popular game to the last-gen console are not confirmed, its possibility cannot be ruled out yet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One? Dev says it's about timing

The upcoming release of "Microsoft Flight Simulator" on Xbox Series X/S will mark the franchise's first time launching consoles. And the powerful specs these hardware products have likely made it possible. However, with the shortage of new-gen consoles still a persisting problem for many gamers around the world, many have been wondering if there is a chance for the game to arrive on Xbox One as well.

When asked about a potential launch on the Xbox One system, "Microsoft Flight Simulator" head Jorg Neumann did not explicitly dismiss the topic in an interview with Eurogamer. "I guess it's a timing thing," Neumann said. "Obviously memory matters. Certainly on Ultra settings, you need a big PC - well, that's a lot, lot more memory than what you had on an Xbox One." The game's minimum requirements include at least 150GB of storage.

Neumann further said they are focused on getting the "Microsoft Flight Simulator" Xbox Series X/S versions done. He then suggested that the team could start exploring other plans once those are completed, possibly, an Xbox One port. Giving Xbox One owners more hope, Neumann added his team “never close doors” while also hinting at “other options” to play the sim on the last-gen console. However, he did not reveal them yet. A specific release date for the Xbox Series X/S launch on new-gen consoles has yet to be announced. But "Microsoft Flight Simulator" is confirmed to arrive sometime in summer this year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons let players fly over Macau and Paris

As for PC and VR players who already have "Microsoft Flight Simulator," they should take note that more add-ons are being developed for the game. Developers Orbx and SamScene3D, as first spotted by Twinfinite, have released screenshots of locations in Paris and Macau where players can soon fly over in the game.

just some more previews, it is not the final version

Posted by SamScene3D on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

For the Paris pack courtesy of Orbx, "Microsoft Flight Simulator" can expect new locations featuring the city's famous landmarks such as the Notre Dame, Panthéon, The Centre Pompidou, École Militaire, and Église Saint-Sulpice. The Macau pack being developed by SamScene3D is also spotted in a preview and would soon feature some parts of the city's airport.

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