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‘Starfield’ release date, gameplay: First look on Bethesda’s elusive game may have been leaked

New information about “Starfield” has been hard to find since it was announced in 2018. However, fans might already have the first look at Bethesda’s highly anticipated game in the form of a leaked image supposedly from an earlier build.

‘Starfield’ screenshot leaked?

“Starfield” has made headlines over the weekend after a single image reportedly showing one screenshot of the game. The source of the leak, Reddit user Electrical-Ad-8659 did not say much about the image aside from attaching an Imgur link and a brief caption that reads, “Future game leak for *field.”

Since the image has made the rounds online known “Starfield” source SkullziTV has weighed in and reported that the image was taken from an early build of the game from 2018. “I can now say confidently that an anonymous source contacted me and verified that the recent leak is indeed real,” SkullziTv wrote.

The Imgur link contains three images with the first one looking like oxygen and CO2 meter. It prompted speculations that the “Starfield” gameplay might allow players to explore outside of their space stations. The next image shows a massive spaceship with vivid details.

The third image appears to be an in-game screenshot showing an astronaut character, who appears to be going out for a spacewalk. Again, it does not say much about the “Starfield” plot and gameplay but it seems to reinforce the speculations about having the ability to explore outside a spacecraft or space station. The last image also features the O2 and CO2 meter on the lower left corner as well as Health and Stamina bars on the other side of the screen.

‘Starfield’ gameplay plot: What to expect

There are many things left under wraps about “Starfield,” including its gameplay plot. Its brief announcement trailer from 2018 does not say much, too. It only shows a glimpse of a planet and then a space station that appears to be transported to somewhere else. What this only tells fans is that the game will be set in space, but the premise or plot of the game is still unknown.

‘Starfield’ release date: Would Bethesda make announce it following the leak?

Bethesda has insisted since the announcement of “Starfield” that fans will have to be patient because it will still take time before it is released. After two years, fans were hoping to hear more or see more about the new IP in 2020, but that does not seem to be happening either. That is unless the leaked images would force Bethesda to tweak its announcement plans for the game. For now, it remains an impossible task to determine when the game would be released with Bethesda not revealing much about it or its development status.

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