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The Future of CBD In the Skincare Industry As a Natural Remedy

To many, it probably seems surprising to find out that CBD has not as yet been explored to its full potential in the skincare industry. Even leading skincare brands are late in coming to the party. CBD in the skincare industry has a long way to go but pioneering brands such as Mission C. are leading the way in the industry with premium skincare, sports and wellbeing CBD products.

Read our mini-guide to the future of CBD in the skincare industry.

CBD And Psoriasis

Despite many years of research, psoriasis is still one of those skin conditions that baffles scientists. As yet, no definitive treatment or remedy has been discovered to helping those who experience the condition.

When it comes to psoriasis, new natural remedies and conventional products appear in the market place every year. However, so far, no one has managed to come up with what can only be described as the silver bullet to stop psoriasis misery in its tracks.

Can you use CBD to remedy psoriasis? The simple answer to that question is yes. It works well as a topical and oral remedy. It is yet another weapon in the arsenal against psoriasis.

Wrinkles & CBD

A wrinkle is a slight tear in the upper layer of the skin. It happens when the skin becomes too dry or starts to lose its elasticity.

Oils are in general considered as the perfect solution. For a long time now, we have been adding oils and other hydrating products to the surface of our skin. The problem is that many of the products contain artificial compounds without our knowledge. Unfortunately, your average skincare anti-wrinkle solution is probably doing you more harm than good.

Why is that? Many skincare products include parabens. What are they? Parabens are artificial compounds derived from the petro-chemical industry. Instead of promoting good skin health, they stay on top of the skin and cause damage.

CBD can be added to skincare products as a hydration remedy without causing harm. Instead of staying on top of the skin, it penetrates the upper layers of the skin and promotes better hydration.

CBD and Eczema Sufferers

We suffer eczema for all sorts of reasons. Eczema may rear its ugly head after you have eaten a certain food, applied a skincare product or spent time in an environment that you are sensitive to. There is also a strong link between eczema and stress.

The conventional remedy for eczema is cortisones. This popular treatment can quickly provide relief and reduce symptoms. But, in the long run, do cortisone topical treatments reduce the incidents of eczema?

Cortisones are okay, but they do have serious side effects. Used over a long period time, they often prove themselves to be less effective. They also cause thinning of the skin and can react with other skin products.

If you are unfortunate to experience eczema, both oral and topical CBD should be considered as an alternative to conventional treatments. Just as we recently discovered that capsaicin in chilli peppers is effective as topical treatment, we have realised that CBD is a worthy alternative. It is possible that future topical and oral eczema treatments will contain CBD.

CBD & Fungus

Fungicide conditions including Athlete's Foot are often treated with essential oils when you don't want to go down the conventional route.

As a preventative treatment, it seems that the popular essential oil Tea Tree may have therapeutic qualities. But, the jury is out on the pending judgement if Tea Tree does indeed provide both prevention and treatment of the Athlete's Foot.

Athlete's Foot is a very common condition. The pharmaceutical industry around the world makes a great deal of money by coming up with new treatments. When one does not work, your friendly local pharmacist is likely to recommend another one. You often end up on an endless circuit trying to either prevent or remedy Athlete's Foot.

As we are finding out more about CBD, we have come to appreciate that it may boost the immune system. If you do suffer from regular outbreaks of Athlete's Foot, boosting the immune system is exactly what you need to do as well as paying close attention to personal hygiene.

CBD is beginning to pop up as a anti-fungal remedy. Perhaps in a few years, we will know more about how we can use CBD to remedy Athlete's Foot along with other skin conditions affecting the feet.

In Conclusion

The conclusion is that we are beginning to turn away from conventional skincare. The future of CBD in the skincare industry is interesting. We need to acknowledge that we have a lot to learn about CBD and its many skincare benefits.

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