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Up and coming SEO Specialists

SEO, or, Search Engine Optimization has been the lead game-changer for the last decade. Surprisingly, such a newly found industry is now valued over $65 billion.

The reason? Its drastic positive impact is why companies all around the globe are trying to capitalize upon the same. Since, who wouldn’t want increased traffic, quality leads, and sales, and increased revenue generation? Infact, Jacob King Stanley from StudioHawk and his journey proves the sheer importance of SEO specialists and the magic they pose.

Moreover, everyone now knows that SEO is not just about stuffing with the best keywords anywhere and everywhere, but more so about learning the right patterns. Infact, the best ones to approach for a solution are the specialists themselves. They are the ones who have achieved results, and following their footsteps, or learning from them would help you do well too. Below, we have encircled a few specialists, if you are looking for some guidance!

1. Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital is known to practice what they preach. Their founder, Mr. Neil Patel has been able to garner more than 1.7 million organic keywords, and 3 million websites across the globe under its belt, linking back to their own website. The team relies on SEO’s strongest pillars for their achievements, which is Content Marketing.

To have a top-notch search engine optimization strategy, you need top-notch content, experienced veterans, new startup ideas while also getting the results you seek and desire.

You can take back quite a few things from Neil Patel Digital, but our takeaway was how important the basics are, and how by just focusing on the foundation of SEO, Content Marketing, one can reach greater heights.

2. Voice SEO

With people becoming lazy, the expectations to get tasks served on a platter has increased. This explains how concepts like Apple’s SIRI, Google Echo, and Alexa have been born and cherished.

What this has also done is, brought forth new market opportunities in the SEO industry as well. Voice SEO tapped into this exact new opportunity and optimized its website for voice search to reach the top voice search options.

Not only did they capitalize upon this opportunity first, giving them the first mover advantage but they also did it right. The key takeaway? Optimizing voice searches should definitely be on the top of your priority list.

3. ReachLocal

With just being on the local level, covering local niches, ReachLocal has been able to generate over 201 million local heads, for about 19,000 clients. That is the power of just being local, especially when you need to expand, the power of one’s own roots comes to light.

In fact, it was their local search engine strategies, and high customer ratio, which helped them partner with giants like Google, Facebook, and even become certified as a specialist. What would be your key takeaway from ReachLocal?

Pay attention to the small details. Also, when you keep it simple, you will surely have happy customers and only then you can succeed.

4. FatJoe

Do you ever wonder why backlinks are important? Well, they made FATJOE the world’s largest outsourced link building company, serving over 5000 clients. Backlinks have a deep connection with the ranking of your website on the search engine.

When you acquire more backlinks, the higher you will be ranked by search engines, because you will become relevant. FATJOE’s services are being renowned across the globe because they help in finding the right backlinks in the shortest amount of time.

Closing Thoughts!

We have discussed the various specialists of SEO, but they weren’t restricted to just one niche of the field, covering points from content marketing to voice recognition, from being local to link building. So, one should always look at all the possible angles.

Although, we might have spoken about just one aspect of the specialists, but the truth is, there is a lot of work behind the scenes, and they are where they are, because of the hard work it takes to get results.

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