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Why the best online casinos come from the UK

UK-based online casinos are widely considered to be amongst some of the best to be available to the gambling community.

There are a plethora of reasons as to why this could be the thought that many bettors have, but one of the main reasons is down to the strict laws that have been enforced by the country’s government.

The license that can be obtained from the country’s Gambling Commission is one of the most difficult to acquire for UK online casinos because of the large number of rules and requirements that gambling operators have to meet.

However, by meeting all of those stringent measures, this means they are hugely popular with bettors because they know they can be trusted with their money and that everything is done within the realm of the law.

What is the Gambling Commission?

The Gambling Commission is the authority which regulates all of the activity that happens in regards to the UK industry. The introduction of the Gambling Act 2005 saw both online and offline gambling become a legal activity, therefore that led to the formation of the regulator.

Due to the laws that have been passed, it is now a legal requirement for any gambling operator that wishes to conduct their operations in the UK market to obtain this incredibly difficult license.

As mentioned, it is incredibly difficult to obtain because there are a number of strict criteria that gambling operators need to meet. These include things from consumer protection, responsible gambling measures, and dispute procedures.

Naturally, these will all benefit the players who choose to use the UK-based online casinos, as they are essentially given full protection against things like scams and limit some of the bad experiences from happening.

Further legal checks required

Bettors using UK online casinos are also subjected to a number of other stringent checks when they look to sign up. For example, the KYC check is a process that gamblers will need to go through to ensure they meet the requirements.

The KYC check stands for Know Your Customer and this is something the online casino will do via the submission of a verified legal identification document, such as a passport or a driving license.

Players will need to go through a secure online gateway in which it is checked and verified, where it will either confirm you are who you say you are or it will deny the request. All online casinos are required to do this by UK Law and it is compulsory for them to verify the customer’s name, their address and their date of birth.

There have been moments in the past where players under the age of 18 (the legal age in the UK) have managed to gain access when they should not have, thus the introduction of these tighter controls.


Indeed, whilst there may appear to be a huge array of rules for the online casinos to follow and make sure they stick to in the UK, they ultimately protect the gamblers as they give them some “rights” that they can feel are being looked after.

The strict legislation and rules that surround the industry are unlike any other around the world, but perhaps that is why it is widely believed the best online casinos come from the UK.

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