Rajib Dasgupta

Rajib Dasgupta

Chairperson, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Areas of Interest/Specialization
Epidemiology, Nutrition, Child Health, Urban Health, Non-communicable Diseases

Professor [16.10.2011 till date]

Associate Professor [15.10.2005 till 15.10.2011]

Assistant Professor [15.10.2003 – 14.10.2005]

Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU

Chairperson, Unversity Sports Committee [18.02.2014 - 17.02.2016]

Deputy Health Officer, Epidemiology Division & Public Health Laboratory

Municipal Corporation of Delhi [06.12.2003 – 15.10.2003]

Awards & Honours
Fulbright Senior Research Fellow [2010-11] and Visiting Associate Professor, Global Diseases Epidemiology and Control [GDEC], Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Member, National Committee for Certification of Polio Eradication, Measles Elimination and Rubella Control
Key Technology Partner Visiting Fellow 2016. Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney

After India's brutal coronavirus wave, two-thirds of population has been exposed to SARS-CoV2

Aug 23, 2021 11:58 am UTC| Health

Cases of COVID-19 are surging around the world, but the course of the pandemic varies widely country to country. To provide you with a global view as we approach a year and a half since the official declaration of the...



UPbit Accidentally Sells Counterfeit Cryptocurrencies Due to Identification Error

South Korean UPbit Exchange inadvertently traded counterfeit cryptocurrencies valued at $14,800. The fake digital assets were initially mistaken for genuine, causing unintended transactions. Immediate actions were taken...

SK Telecom Boosts AI Investment, Aiming for $18.5B Sales by 2028

SK Telecom unveils ambitious plans to triple AI investment, targeting $18.5 billion in sales by 2028. CEO Ryu Young-sang envisions a booming AI sector, revealing a strategy involving infrastructure expansion, AIX...

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Enters South Korean Market Through Exclusive Shinsegae International Deal

Shinsegae International, the spinoff of Shinsegae, recently signed an exclusive distributor contract with Dolce Gabbana, an Italian luxury fashion house. This means the former will become the only one to sell and...

Posco International, Bartlett Form JV to Dive into US Grain Market

South Koreas Posco International partners with U.S.-based Bartlett, aiming to dominate the grain market. This joint venture will focus on grain procurement and soybean processing, further expanding their global footprint...

Amazon Invests $4 Billion in AI Startup Anthropic, Secures Minority Stake

Amazon is investing $4 billion in artificial intelligence (AI) startup Anthropic. The strategic partnership will leverage advanced generative AI, with Anthropic primarily utilizing Amazons robust cloud services and...


Zelenskyy's meetings with Trudeau and Biden are aimed at winning the long war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has capped off a visit to North America with a stop in Ottawa, where he addressed Parliament and urged the world not to forget about the war in Ukraine. It is genocide what...

Offshore wind: a perfect storm of inflation and policy uncertainty risks derailing the UK's main hope for a low-carbon future

In what many have deemed a disaster, the UK governments latest auction for renewable power an annual attempt to incentivise private sector investment in a range of power sources has failed to bring forward any new...

Ukraine war: mixed signals among Kyiv's allies hint at growing conflict fatigue

It is now almost 600 days since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and the war that has followed has tested the resilience of both countries. But it has also tested those in the west that have supported...

Sunak should be wary of backtracking on net zero – what history tells us about flip-flopping on the environment

Rishi Sunak has delivered a speech in which he announced delays to key net zero targets, including postponing the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars until 2035. It is a remarkable event given that the UK...

The fraught history of India and the Khalistan movement

The Indian government has warned its citizens living in Canada to exercise extreme caution due to a deteriorating security environment in the country. The warning came after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...


A Nasa spacecraft is on course to deliver material from an asteroid to Earth – here's what we could learn

Around 15 years ago, I was on a European Space Agency (Esa) committee, looking at Esas strategy for proposed forthcoming space missions. Under consideration was a mission to an asteroid. Over dinner, one of the committee...

Five golden rules for effective science communication – perspectives from a documentary maker

Over the past three years, people from all walks of life have learned a great deal about different branches of science. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many of us to information about virology and vaccine production....

Discovering the universe from our own backyards

When I was a college student, I worked at the Charlevoix Astronomical Observatory in Québec. It was a pretty decent summer job, as I got to observe celestial bodies until the dead of night, talk to astronomy...

Our planet is burning in unexpected ways - here’s how we can protect people and nature

People have been using fire for millennia. It is a vital part of many ecosystems and cultures. Yet human activities in the current era, sometimes called the Anthropocene, are reshaping patterns of fire across the...

Jamais vu: the science behind eerie opposite of déjà vu

Repetition has a strange relationship with the mind. Take the experience of déjà vu, when we wrongly believe have experienced a novel situation in the past leaving you with an spooky sense of pastness. But...


Microsoft’s Unintentional Leak Reveals Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration Plans for Xbox Consoles

Microsoft inadvertently revealed plans for Xbox crypto wallet integration through leaked documents, eliciting reactions from both the gaming and crypto communities. The companys top executives express regret over the...

Apple SVP Eddy Cue Defends iPhone’s Default Google Search Choice in D.C. Hearing

Apples Eddy Cue, in D.C. federal court, endorsed iPhones Google search default, saying it best serves users and there were no valid alternatives, amidst an ongoing antitrust trial. Cue testified to defend Apples move to...

Hitachi Taps VR to Preserve Japanese Craftsmanship: Veteran Workers Guide Newbies in Metaverse

Hitachi Ltd. is revolutionizing Japanese craftsmanship training using the metaverse, enabling remote skill transfer. Utilizing VR and advanced cameras, the Tokyo-based electronics company offers real-time instruction,...

Mitsubishi Unveils Mysterious Electrified Minivan Concept Ahead of Japan Mobility Show 2023

Mitsubishi Motors unveiled an electrified minivan concept teaser, creating a buzz ahead of the Japan Mobility Show 2023. Speculation arises over its features and connection to existing models. The darkened image reveals...

Mercedes Pay+ Debuts In-Car Fingerprint Payments in Partnership with Mastercard

Mercedes-Benz collaborates with Mastercard to launch Mercedes Pay+, facilitating in-car refueling payments. Using an integrated fingerprint sensor, drivers can now securely settle fuel bills directly from their vehicles....
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