Joshua  Trigg

Joshua Trigg

Dr Joshua Trigg is a public health researcher with training and experience in psychological and population health research. His work focuses on health and occupational health risk factors, risk attitudes and motivators of risk behaviours.

Dr Trigg came to the Flinders Public Health Team from Cancer Council South Australia, where he researched tobacco and alcohol use attitudes and behaviours, as well as community perceptions of culturally focused tobacco cessation messaging. His previous work has examined motivators and inhibitors of emergency risk taking behaviour, and wellbeing and quality of life domains, and has used various quantitative and qualitative methods.

He is a member of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs and Public Health Association of Australia, and has worked with government health bodies, non-profits and various community organisations across Australia. His current research interests include:

- Tobacco control and smoking cessation
- Vaping and e-cigarette use
- Alcohol consumption patterns
- Health risk behaviours
- Health promotion/risk messaging effectiveness
- Wellbeing and quality of life

- PhD (Psychology)
- BPsycSci(Hon) (First Class)

My teen's vaping. What should I say? 3 expert tips on how to approach 'the talk'

Jan 24, 2023 05:38 am UTC| Insights & Views

Youve dropped your daughter off at her friends house and while cleaning the car, you find what looks like a USB drive on the passenger seat. Its a disposable vape. Youve seen the news. Vapes or e-cigarettes are harmful...



Manga hoops film Slam Dunk boosts sales of basketball merchandise in S. Korea

South Korean online shopping malls and Gmarket and Auction posted increased sales of basketball-related merchandise after the Japanese basketball animated film The First Slam Dunk hit theaters. enjoyed a...

Twitter faces more lawsuits over unpaid rent

More landlords are suing Twitter over unpaid rent, this time at the social media companys headquarters in San Francisco and its British offices. Sri Nine Market Square LLC, the owner of Twitters San Francisco...

Bristol Myers sues AstraZeneca anew for another cancer drug patent infringement

Bristol Myers Squibb has sued AstraZeneca for its antibody-based cancer treatment Imjudo, which it says infringes its patents for its drug Yervoy According to Bristol Myer, Imjudo fights cancer in the same way as...

Shinsegae Foods launches plant-based Better Meat store in Gangnam

Shinsegae Foods is opening its first plant-based store in Seoul, South Korea. The company chose to sell its alternative meat products in the busy shopping mall in the countrys Gangnam District. Shinsegae Foods will...

Celltrion buys more stake in UK’s Iksuda Therapeutics, becomes the largest shareholder

Celltrion biopharmaceutical company based in Incheon, South Korea, has become the largest shareholder in United Kingdoms Iksuda Therapeutics biotech firm. This happened after the former acquired more stake in the...


UK: 200 asylum-seeking children reported missing

The British government said around 200 children seeking asylum in the country have been missing from their temporary hotel accommodation. Some of the missing children were also reported to be under 16 years old. On...

Facebook, Instagram to reactivate Donald Trump’s accounts after the 2-year ban

The Facebook and Instagram accounts of Donald Trump are set to be reactivated by Meta. This will officially lift the ban on the former U.S. president that was imposed two years ago. This means that Meta will allow the...

North Korea: Pyongyang on lockdown due to 'respiratory illness'

Officials in North Korea have placed its capital Pyongyang on lockdown for five cases due to the increasing cases of respiratory illness. The lockdown follows months after North Korea declared to have overcome its outbreak...

Former Taiwan VP Chen Chien-jen to become new premier

Taiwans former vice president Chen Chien-jen is set to become the island nations new premier following the anticipated reshuffling of the presidential cabinet. The reshuffling also comes as the governing Democratic...


S. Korea to invest ₩275 billion in biopharma R&D projects

South Korea will invest 274.6 billion won in the bio-industry this year for 252 new RD projects in the four fields of biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, biomaterials, and medical equipment in 2023. According to South...

Scientists have started steering lightning with lasers – here's how

Lightning may look beautiful but every year it kills thousands of people, does huge amounts of damage to buildings and infrastructure, and causes power outages. The only protection we have is lightning rods, which were...

Eisai, Biogen apply for Alzheimer's drug approval in Japan

Eisai Co. and Biogen Inc. hope to gain approval with the Japanese health ministry by the end of the year of an Alzheimers drug that could both treat the cause and slow symptom progression. The U.S. Food and Drug...

S. Korean researchers unveil lithium replacement for EV battery cathode that increases range

The research team at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology has developed a high-performing lithium metal battery with higher energy storage capacity that can extend the driving distance of electric vehicles by...

Are black holes time machines? Yes, but there's a catch

Black holes form natural time machines that allow travel to both the past and the future. But dont expect to be heading back to visit the dinosaurs any time soon. At present, we dont have spacecraft that could get us...


US sues Google for abusing dominant position in digital ads biz

The US Justice Department sued Google for anticompetitive, exclusionary, and unlawful means to eliminate competition in the digital advertising business, insisting it should sell its ad manager suite, Google argued...

NBA and Meta to stream live games in ‘NBA Arena’ VR experience

The NBA collaborated with Meta to create NBA Arena, a virtual reality (VR) fan experience on Meta Horizons on the Meta Quest headset. NBA Arena in Meta Horizon Worlds will air 52 live games, including five immersive...

Will AI tech like ChatGPT improve inclusion for people with communication disability?

If youre one of the 1.2 million Australians with communication disability or among the 44% of Australian adults with low literacy, you may soon find helpful, automated communication assistance online. The chat bot...

Netflix paid account sharing option will start in a few months

Netflix account owners and borrowers will have to make some major adjustments soon. The company recently confirmed that its paid account sharing options would be available in more countries in a few months. In a letter...

Installing solar-powered refrigerators in developing countries is an effective way to reduce hunger and slow climate change

Food loss and waste are major problems around the world. When food is tossed aside or allowed to spoil, it makes economies less productive and leaves people hungry. It also harms Earths climate by generating methane, a...
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