Samuel J. White

Samuel J. White

Senior Lecturer in Genetic Immunology, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Samuel White is a Senior Lecturer within the department of Animal, Equine and Veterinary Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. His research is wide-ranging covering applied immunology and genetics with a one health approach to identifying biomarkers, protein allergenicity, multi-omics and novel diagnostic/therapeutic approaches.
Prior to joining NTU, Dr White ran his own laboratory and consultancy company, was a Associate Researcher at the University of Nottingham, worked as a UKAS Assessor and Quality Manager for North Somerset Council Laboratory. Samuel holds a BSc (Hons) from University of the West of England, an MSc from the Royal Agricultural University, and a PhD in Applied Immunology from the University of Gloucestershire.

Research areas

Dr White’s research spans a wide range of different clinical conditions, allergies and inflammatory diseases, but the overarching theme is the novel development of diagnostics, and advancing treatments. Ongoing/current research interests include:

Microbial identification through next generation sequencing
Whole genome sequencing (including variant identification)
Microbiome profiling
Protein expression
Protein allergenicity
Microarray development
Lateral flow assay development
Immunoglobulin isotype profiling
Allergen-specific immunotherapy

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