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‘GTA 6’ release date rumors: 2023 is a possible launch window based on a Take-Two document

From the trailer of “GTA Online: Arena War” | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

There has been quite a debate among fans and industry insiders about the release date window of “GTA 6.” Some of them may have gotten it right, as it now appears that the next game will not be launched until 2023.

GTA 6’ release date: What to expect

So-called information leaks about the release date and gameplay of “GTA 6” constantly pop up in many corners of the internet. But there are is few to none that seem to hold an ounce of truth until Take-Two Interactive’s Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K filing emerged in recent reports.

The document, shown in a note to investors by analyst Jeff Cohen (via Venture Beat), presents Take-Two’s updated marketing spending plan. It shows that, as of this month, the company’s “committed marketing spend” for the fiscal year 2024 – from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024 – has been raised to $89.2 million.

Cohen noted that, in May 2019, the numbers were different, with FY2023 having the large bulk of committed spending for marketing at $78.1 million. In the updated filing, marketing spending for that year has been lowered to $40.9 million. Take-Two’s SEC filing, of course, did not mention any specific plans about “GTA 6.” But this large amount for advertising a product could mean that a major video game project would be unveiled within this period.

Despite the hard evidence backing this speculation, fans may still want to take this with a pinch of salt. Without an announced release date window for “GTA 6” means Rockstar Games and Take-Two can always change their plans internally. But Cohen also pointed out, “We are not sure how much we should be reading into this shift, but we would note that this disclosure accurately predicted the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 prior to that game's announcement.”

Debate on ‘GTA 6’ release date rumors

A few weeks ago, several industry insiders known to be trustworthy sources by the “Grand Theft Auto” fanbase did not seem to agree on the “GTA 6” release date window. Journalist Jason Schreier mentioned in a report that the game is still in the early development phase. This translates to the next game still several years away from launch.

However, two known leakers, Yan2295 and Tezfun2, did not agree with this rumored timeline as they both believe the game has been in development for a while. Fans also referenced to the latter’s comment that “GTA 6” is about 60% to 70% complete while the former tweeted that the game is likely in the “early testing” stage but not development.

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