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‘GTA 6’ release date rumors: Take-Two denies next game’s speculated 2023 launch

From the “GTA Online: Smuggler's Run” trailer | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

“GTA 6” made headlines last week when an official document filed by Take-Two Interactive stirred speculations that the game could be released in 2023 or early 2024. The company, however, was quick to dismiss any hope for those release date windows to be true.

GTA 6’ could be released much later than 2024

With the “GTA V” already going 7 years old in September, fans are desperate to hear any substantial update about its successor.” This explains why the 2023 or 2024 release date speculation quickly spread recently, especially with a paper coming from Take-Two to supplement it.

The said document is an SEC 10-K filing from Take-Two showing a massive increase in its marketing budget for the fiscal year 2024. It was also indicated that the figures shown were as planned as recently as last month. It was the perfect kind of information to begin a wildfire of speculations that “GTA 6” would be released in the next three or four years – until Take-Two took it away.

Take-Two, possibly not wanting any false hopes to be built, explained to that the significant increase in its planned marketing expenses for the fiscal year 2024 shows commitments to “third-party companies.” “GTA 6” is almost certainly going to be developed by Rockstar Games, which is a subsidiary of Take-Two. It then debunks the speculations that the massive budget for ads is for anything that Rockstar has in the pipeline.

This clarification has other implications, too. If Take-Two does not want fans hoping “GTA 6” would be out by 2023 or 2024, could it be because the game’s potential release date is eyed for a much later year? Unfortunately, Take-Two’s statement did not come with any hints about the next game’s timeline, and fans are now left again guessing when it would arrive.

GTA 6’ gameplay rumors: What to expect

“GTA 6” has long been rumored to be internally named “Project Americas” reportedly because of its feature that would allow gamers to travel across the continents of North and South America. While that is an enticing prospect, it is yet to be supported by a solid proof or confirmation from Rockstar.

Meanwhile, a recent report based on a supposed “leak” claimed that “GTA 6” will have gamers assume the role of Ricardo. The rumored character is said to be dreaming of becoming a drug lord, who starts his criminal career as a drug runner in Vice City.

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