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How to Become a Game Tester?

One of the attractive career choices for people who enjoy working with computers is becoming a game tester. The growing popularity of game consoles is the main reason why there’s a high demand for quality assurance testers today. However, it’s also a great way to get into the industry of video games.

Game testing is a dream job for many people. If you’re one of them, we will give you some tips on how to become a game tester. QAwerk provides professional game testing services for video game companies and at the same time hire qualified talents to join our growing company and see if you want to explore our opportunities.

What Is a Game Tester?

Before anything else, it’s important to understand what a game tester really does. Basically, game testers work for video game companies to methodically test games in order to ensure quality. They make sure the games don’t have glitches, bugs, and other issues.

Also known as quality assurance testers, these people are tasked to play video games that are being developed in order to identify any potential errors. They work closely with programmers as well as other technical staff under the development project.

As a quality assurance tester, you are expected to repeat game levels to test extensively. You also need to test all potential permutations of play in order to ensure quality gaming experience. At the same time, you should create a report on the gameplay errors encountered including some steps to recreate those glitches.

Tips to Find a Game Testing Job

Now, it’s time to learn how to become a successful game tester with the company you want to work with. The following are basic tips to help you kickstart a career in game testing:

  • You must be a high school graduate and 18 years old or older. Basic writing, communication, and computer skills are required.

  • You have to be a video game enthusiast or interested in learning about gameplay dynamics. If you want to become a game tester, you need to have an interest in playing video games because you will test for a longer period of time. You have to replay each game level to check for bugs and other problems.

  • Earn a degree in game design or any related programs. Although a college degree is not required to become a quality assurance tester, having a diploma related to game design will help you land a job. The game testing market is competitive, making it somewhat challenging to find a job.

Having a qualification that gives you an edge from other candidates is important. Your degree subjects should have technical aspects that involve programming and game design; for example, computer science, interactive game, and computer animation.

  • Have experience working in quality assurance. Since game testing is not just about playing video games, an experience in quality assurance is also important. Part of the job is to constantly try to break the games and spot the flaws. If you are an experienced quality assurance tester, you’re more likely to enjoy and be successful in this line of work.

Responsibilities and Salary

The main job responsibilities of a game tester include finishing test cases, working with designers and programmers, helping with competence and quality ideas, offering solutions to bugs and gameplay issues, and writing information regarding the bugs and glitches that have been experienced.

Now, you may be wondering how much you can make as a quality assurance tester? The average salary of a game tester ranges between $50,000 and $52,000 each year. However, it’s important to understand that quality assurance testing jobs with video game companies are temporary, depending on your contract.

Other compensation and benefits for game testers include employment taxes, health indemnification, and reimbursements. If you have a temporary game testing job, it can lead you to other opportunities such as content designer, lead programmer, level designer, network programmer, and game mechanic designer.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that being a video game tester isn’t just about playing games. You need to be skilled in quality testing, finding the problems, and solving the issues. The goal is to help create seamless gaming experiences for every gamer and make an impact on their lives.

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