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Private Jets Are More Popular Than Ever, Here’s What You Need to Know

In the age of social distancing and restricted travel, private jets are becoming more popular when it comes to traveling in 2020. People are opting to spend a few extra bucks to sit on a private jet with people they know rather than sitting elbow to elbow with a stranger and risking the chance of catching coronavirus.

With this rise in popularity, more and more people are considering this travel alternative, but there are some things to know before you book your first private jet.

You Can Book a Private or Shared Jet

Most people imagine a luxurious jet all of themselves when they hear about a private jet. While this is an option, it isn’t the only option when choosing to charter a flight.

To save money on a private jet experience, you can share your chartered jet with others who are heading to the same destination. So if you’re booking Miami private jets to New York and another small group is heading that way, they can share the cost of the jet with you.

The Cost Can Vary

When you think of a private jet, the first thing you probably picture is a sky-high bill at the end. Yes, private jets can rack up a pretty hefty bill, but they don’t always have to. It all depends on the type of service you book, the type of jet, and if you are sharing the flight with others.

On average, chartering a private jet can range from $5,000 to $35,000 for a domestic flight. Of course, this price will increase greatly if flying internationally.

It’s important to note that you will pay for everything. When booking your private jet, be specific about what you want – even the fact that you would like flight attendant service.

Don’t Hesitate Making Requests

The luxury of booking a private jet is that you can customize your experience in almost every way possible. Before your flight you can request what types of food you would like on board, meals to be served, and more.

Also, rather than paying airline prices for a cocktail, you can bring your own liquor on board! However, the cabin crew must be the ones to open and pour it for you, according to the law.

Jet Memberships Are Available

If you become a fan of chartering private jets after your first flight, there is good news! You can sign up for a jet membership to save money on future flights, have priority status, and many more benefits. These are perfect for those who fly privately at least 15 hours per year.

Plus, as of right now, customers can skip out on paying the extra 7.5% tax thanks to the CARES Act that was passed in early 2020.

There is literally no better time to start charting private jets than right now! Not only are the experiences customizable, have affordable options, and are a great experience, but private jets keep you safe while traveling in this pandemic era.

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