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The Biggest Tech Trends For 2022

2022 has been named as the biggest year of tech promise. With conferences led by some of the brightest minds over 2021, many clues of what to expect have been foretold, and if anything, it makes many anticipate 2022, to be the most intriguing of the second decade in the 21st century. The pandemic undoubtedly slowed down progress, but many huge tech corporations adapted to ensure that there wasn't a huge delay to the tech that they sought to release to the general public. Tech really has become the silver lining for the future, with new job opportunities in the tech sector, tech really has many things to look forward to, now that 2022 is very much underway.

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The Metaverse

By now, you have most likely heard Facebook's latest conference on the rebranding of their renowned social media platform, to the Meta. The idea behind it, is that many can share spaces online, and hang out within a virtual reality. However, if you have enraptured yourself in all the predominant forces of virtual reality to date, such as NFTs, digital assets and blockchain technology, you are very much there without the need of reigniting your passion for Facebook.

It is believed that many tech-forward establishments are all reaching towards this idea of a shared metaverse, with hints of other tech giants like Apple, Google and so on, wanting to develop headphones that allow the user to operate from the Metaverse. How this tech proposal will go, is still very much a question, but many are eagerly anticipating and eager to see it!

Connecting and creating a ‘smart’ home

Next on the list, we have the ideal of a smart home. While many of us can voice in our struggles of keeping a home together, all the aspects of maintaining a home and so on, you will find that there is a solution to those struggles in the making as we speak. Currently, big tech brands like Google, Tech, Amazon and Apple, are racing to the finish line in developing a smart-home standard called the Matter. While still very much unrefined, and in development, this virtual assistant could be the perfect interaction and middle ground between you and your home.

Of course, as with most innovative and tech forward applications, the question of security and data breach is very much there, so Apple and other tech bodies will need to come to some kind of arrangement with their tech creation.

Electrical vehicles have become more mainstream than ever

It is no secret that EVs have become something of a prodigy over the years, but it is believed that this year, the concept of owning one and a cutting-edge model, will become something of a more reachable goal. Car developers are developing the infrastructure to make the technology more affordable for consumers.

To date, there have been models coming from the likes of Ford, General Motors, Mercedes and Volkswagen. The race of who can make this technology the most affordable, is still in expansion, but 2022 is the year to make this happen. The current concerns that are in open discussion at the moment, are optimising EVs when under the conditions of severe cold. It has been made known that their efficacy can be reduced by 40% battery yield when EVs are subjected to temperatures of below -10, for long periods of time.

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