Forest Agostinelli

Forest Agostinelli

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of South Carolina
Forest Agostinelli's research involves designing new artificial intelligence algorithms and applying these algorithms to problems in the sciences. Simultaneously, his research draws upon the sciences to provide inspiration for new artificial intelligence algorithms.

His research interests include:

Deep learning: Neural network architectures, learning activation functions
Reinforcement learning: deep RL, model-based RL
Search: Learning heuristics, large state spaces, theoretical guarantees
His application interests include:

Logic: Puzzle solving, theorem proving
Bioinformatics: Circadian rhythms, protein folding
Neuroscience: Hippocampus and memory
High energy physics: Identifying exotic particles
Chemistry: Molecular optimization, retrosynthesis

How explainable artificial intelligence can help humans innovate

Jan 14, 2021 04:58 am UTC| Science

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has created computers that can drive cars, synthesize chemical compounds, fold proteins and detect high-energy particles at a superhuman level. However, these AI algorithms...



Switzerland's chocolate consumption, production, exportation plunge amid pandemic

Annual consumption in Switzerland fell below the threshold of 10 kilograms per person, dipping to 9.9 kilos, the lowest level since 1982, mainly due to the steep decline in foreign tourists. According to Urs Furrer,...

S. Korea's fishery goods exports drop 7.4% in 2020

South Koreas fishery goods exports plunged 7.4 percent from $2.5 billion in 2019 to $2.32 billion in 2020, says the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. Exports of ready-to-eat products, such as processed fish and seaweed...

Jack Ma replaced as China’s richest man as his Ant Group came under intense scrutiny

Jack Ma, the Chinese founder of Ant Group and Alibaba, is not Chinas richest man anymore. The loss of the title as his countrys richest citizen was revealed after a list was released this week. Many are saying that Jack...

S. Korea's 5 conglomerates to invest 43 trillion won in hydrogen economy by 2030

South Koreas five major conglomerates SK, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, Hanwha, and Hyosung will invest 43 trillion won in building hydrogen infrastructures, such as production and storage, by 2030. SK Group will invest 18.5...

India lures Tesla to manufacturing deal cheaper than in China

India is ready to provide incentives that would bring Tesla Inc production costs lesser than in China, according to transport minister Nitin Gadkari. According to Gadkari, its a win-win situation for Tesla considering...


Joe Biden COVID-19 relief: POTUS makes another push for relief plan in meeting with Senate Democrats

With the House successfully passing President Joe Bidens $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, it is now in the hands of the Senate. Biden makes another strong push for the passage of the bill in his latest meeting with...

Joe Biden Cabinet: Miguel Cardona confirmed to lead Department of Education

The Senate is at work to confirm President Joe Bidens Cabinet nominees, the confirmations already picking up steam in the past week or so. The latest of confirmations is with Miguel Cardona, who will now be leading the...

Donald Trump 2024 run: GOP Senator Bill Cassidy says ex-POTUS will not be the 2024 nominee

Former President Donald Trump recently hinted at a 2024 run for the presidency again during his appearance at CPAC. While most Republicans have supported the idea, GOP Senator Bill Cassidy says Trump will not become the...

Donald Trump investigation: Ex-POTUS faces probes from five investigators

Former President Donald Trump received an acquittal from the Senate a few weeks ago, but he still faces many legal challenges especially as he no longer has the protections of the White House. Trump is currently facing...


Transparent wood is coming, and it could make an energy-efficient alternative to glass

Wood is an ancient material humans have been using for millions of years, for the construction of housing, ships and as a source of fuel for burning. Its also a renewable source, and one way to capture excess carbon...

Pigs can play video games, scientists discover

Pigs might not be able to fly, but they can play video games. In a new study, researchers from Purdue University in Indiana, US have shown that pigs can use a digital screen and joystick, operated by their snout, to move a...

Einsteinium: 100 years after Einstein's Nobel Prize, researchers reveal chemical secrets of element that bears his name

A century ago, an upstart German physicist by the name of Albert Einstein turned the scientific world on its head with his discovery of the photoelectric effect, which proved light to be both a particle and a wave. Awarded...

New CRISPR technology could revolutionise gene therapy, offering new hope to people with genetic diseases

The day a muddled mob stormed the US Capitol building, a team of American researchers published a paper in Nature that signified a landmark in gene therapy. The head of the US National Institutes of Health, Francis...

In the rush for coronavirus information, unreviewed scientific papers are being publicized

COVID-19 has not only upended our personal lives, it has dramatically changed scientific research. In response to the rapid spread of the virus, scientists around the world have had to find new ways to collaborate and...


‘Valheim’ update 0.147.3 deliver private dedicated servers

The increasingly popular survival game Valheim has received its latest update, and Iron Gate has answered many players requests. The patch includes the option for fans to use private dedicated servers through easy...

Android March 2021 security patch rolls out for some Pixel devices

The latest security patch for Android-run devices is here, and the March 2021 security patch has reportedly started to roll out for Google Pixel smartphones. It is something that smartphone users may want to immediately...

Report: Hole-punch selfie camera could debut on iPhone 14

Many might agree that Apple made the display notch popular, and now its fans have been asking the tech giant to make it smaller or even get rid of it altogether. Apple is not one to discuss its plans for upcoming hardware...

‘Fortnite’ chapter 2 season 6 could start in mid-March

The start of a new season is one of the most important times for every Fortnite player. It marks a fresh start to climb up the leadership ladder, and it is also the time when Epic Games usually roll out updates and Battle...

‘Apex Legends’: Nintendo Switch players are getting free 30 levels on day one

The wait for the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch port is down to just a week, and EA is celebrating that by releasing a new gameplay trailer. Meanwhile, the game publisher also announced several exclusive perks for Switch...
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