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‘Elden Ring’ official updates, release date announcement seems within reach as snippets of internal videos leak on social media

From the official trailer of “Elden Ring” | Photo credit: FROMSOFTWARE / YouTube screenshot

The “Elden Ring” updates drought might be ending imminently. Over the last 24 hours, several off-screen videos allegedly showing an unreleased trailer of the game have been circulating online.

‘Elden Ring’ leaks: What fans need to know

There has been plenty of chatter about the “Elden Ring” over the last week. More recently, VGC reported seeing a portion of an off-screen video of a never-before-seen video preview of the game.

The said video reportedly described “Elden Ring” as an all-new fantasy game. The fantasy genre is not surprising since one of the earliest pieces of information confirmed about the game is that “Game of Thrones” creator George R.R. Martin – a fantasy literature icon – was brought in to develop the game’s lore. Martin is working with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki for the upcoming open world RPG.

VGC’s report noted they were not able to include the video in the report due to legal reasons. But it did not take long before a slew of off-screen videos showing segments of the “Elden Ring” gameplay and matching the article’s description appeared on Twitter and Reddit.

Some of the videos circulating online run for more than a minute and edited like a typical game trailer, which could include cinematic and gameplay cutscenes. They also have the word “confidential” watermarked all over the frame, while another alleged “Elden Ring” leaked video has overlay texts that read “BNEE Internal Use.” The BNEE abbreviation could mean Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe.

As with any game leaks, “Elden Ring” fans should be cautious and be open to the possibility that these videos are fake. Another possibility is that the snippets circulating online right now are much earlier versions of what would be revealed as the official “Elden Ring” trailer in the future. So while there is a chance these are not fake, FromSoftware might have made significant changes.

‘Elden Ring’ release date, new trailer announcement soon?

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the videos’ legitimacy, it offered a good break from the long-running “Elden Ring” drought fans have been experiencing since the game was announced in 2019. On the other hand, these leaks could also be hinting at a looming presentation from the developers.

Prolific gaming insiders Jeff Grubb and Jason Schreier have both suggested that some form of “Elden Ring” announcement could happen soon. Schreier added that the game has been internally delayed more than once but nothing similar to the case of “Winds of Winter.” “But there is strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon,” the Bloomberg journalist said.

The “Elden Ring” release date appears to be a different story, though. A source “close to the game’s development” had also told VGC said the delays make it unlikely for the game to be launched in 2021.

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