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Nintendo Switch Pro release date: Retailer adds ‘Switch Pro’ tag in product search results following upgraded console’s rumored 2021 launch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller | Photo credit: Enrique Vidal Flores (@enriqueflores) / Unsplash

This year will mark the start of a new generation of consoles for Sony and Microsoft, but not for Nintendo. However, another potential clue was recently spotted pointing at the possibly imminent launch of the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Major EU retailer mentions ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ on its online store

Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny the reports about the next-generation Nintendo Switch, but the rumor mill keeps turning. Just last week, the European tech and electronics retailer Media Markt reportedly added the words “Switch Pro” in product search results.

Fans should not expect to see an actual Nintendo Switch Pro console for sale on the website. However, according to a screenshot shared by Nintendo Life, Media Markt’s Polish website showed search results for “Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro consoles.” This is not much of a leak or a solid clue to prove the existence of Nintendo Switch Pro, but it should keep fans’ hopes up for the release of a more powerful Switch console in the near future.

Nintendo Switch Pro release date, specs rumors: What to expect

There were predictions that Nintendo would join Microsoft and Sony in launching its next-level gaming hardware this year, but that was dismissed by Nintendo early on in 2020. Several months later, however, reports emerged suggesting that a console dubbed as Nintendo Switch Pro could be released next year.

Taiwan-based publication Economic Daily News reported in August that the planning for the production of a “next-generation” Nintendo Switch has started. Similar information was reported by Bloomberg around the same time adding that Nintendo’s next console would be released in 2021 with new video games. At the time, specs of the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro console were not set in stone yet. However, it is highly expected to feature a higher display resolution to support 4K gaming.

The titles that would be launched with the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro were not identified in both reports. But it is worth noting that the sequel to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has been one of the most anticipated games from Nintendo since its announcement during E3 2019. Given that the first game was also the official launch title for the first-ever Nintendo Switch console, it would make sense for both products to be launched as a pair once more.

Featured Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores on Unsplash

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