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OnePlus Nord N10 2 release date: Device codenamed ‘Ebba’ receives another certification suggesting it could launch soon

OnePlus Nord | Photo credit: OnePlus / YouTube screenshot

A OnePlus device, reported to be the next Nord N10, was recently spotted receiving certification. It could mean that an official launch and release date announcement are happening soon.

OnePlus Nord N10 2 release date expected soon

There are several mid-range, and low-cost smartphones OnePlus are expected to announce throughout 2021, and the next Nord N10 is one of them. But the latest clue to its existence may also be suggesting that it would be released in certain regions only.

Notable leaker Mukul Sharma, widely known as Stufflistings, spotted a OnePlus device that has received certification from Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). There is not much information included in the document, though, aside from it being a mobile phone that supports 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC technologies.

The OnePlus phone was also not specifically named in the certification other than the model identifier EB2103. Sharma points out it is a reference to the device codenamed “Ebba,” expected to be the successor of the OnePlus Nord N10.

This is also the second time the rumored device appeared in a certification listing. Sharma reported in early April that the same phone passed the “inclusion process” required by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Certifications for tech products typically appear in the wild when their release dates are approaching. This led to the speculations that the OnePlus Nord N10 2 could be launched soon, at least in the Asian market, given that the certifications were handed by IMDA and BIS. In this case, the upcoming device could be released earlier than its predecessor, which was announced last October and became available in the second half of November.

OnePlus Nord N10 2 specs: What to expect

These kinds of documents, however, do not reveal much about the phone’s technical specifications or design. But OnePlus fans can review what was offered in the first Nord N10 to get an idea of how its successor would be upgraded this year.

What mainly set the distinction between the Nord N10 and the Nord last year was their processors. The former shipped with Snapdragon 690 5G, while the latter was equipped with the more powerful Snapdragon 765G chipset. While the SoC is usually the one upgraded annually on new smartphones, the case of the OnePlus Nord N10 2 will be interesting because Qualcomm has yet to update its Snapdragon 600 series this year, which means Snapdragon 690 remains the latest model from this lineup.

Meanwhile, the first OnePlus Nord N10 also launched with a 90Hz display, 6GB RAM, and a rear quad-camera that mainly featured 64MP wide sensor. Its successor could launch with, at least, these specs, if not better.

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