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‘Starfield’ release date rumors: Latest in-development photo ‘leak’ turned out to be fake but speculations about looming announcement flourish

From the announcement trailer of “Starfield” | Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks / YouTube screenshot

“Starfield” has been in the news lately, and most recently, it was because of an alleged in-development screenshot that leaked online. However, the photo was later identified as fake.

Latest ‘Starfield’ turned out to be fake

Before going into the details, it is important to note that this is not the first time a supposed in-development screenshot of “Starfield” appeared in the wild. So when another image was shared by a known gaming leaker, fans immediately got excited about the supposed proof that the development of Bethesda’s newest IP is progressing well.

The photo in question was shared by streamer and gaming tipster SkullziTV that featured a rocky river surrounded by small hills. A round health gauge also appeared on the lower-left corner of the image, which looked identical to the one that was spotted in the earlier leaks, which were mostly shared by SkullziTV as well.

Aside from the source of the image, the newly released photo also suggested that the development has achieved so much because the background is no longer an empty black void like it was in the previous photos. It was then not surprising that many fans immediately got excited about the supposed leaks.

Unfortunately, a Twitter user called the attention of the “Starfield” tipster, saying the new screenshot looked very similar to one of the locations featured in the VR game “Mýrdalssandur, Iceland.” And the resemblance was uncanny. To SkullziTV’s credit, he immediately released an update telling his followers that the photo was, indeed, fake after consulting with an “inside source.”

‘Starfield’ updates and release date announcement soon?

Some fans tend to easily fall for these kinds of information, especially with highly-anticipated video games that do not have plenty of confirmed details. The long-running wait for “GTA 6” is a good case in point. However, the situation for fans waiting for “Starfield” could change soon.

While the screenshot turned out to be fake, a rumor still lingers that Microsoft might soon host a media event featuring Bethesda projects. Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, is slated to be completed this year.

The rumored event is expected to tackle how this massive purchase will affect Bethesda and other Zenimax-owned studios. It has since been speculated as one plausible venue for the announcement of the “Starfield” release date. But just as demonstrated by the fake photo leak, fans are better off taking these rumors with a grain of salt.

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