Piers Forster

Piers Forster

Professor of Physical Climate Change; Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate, University of Leeds

Professor of Physical Climate Change, University of Leeds (2008-present)
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder (2011-2016)
Roberts Research Fellow/ Reader, University of Leeds (2005-2008)
NERC Advanced Research Fellow, University of Reading (2000-2005)
Visiting Researcher, CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology, Melbourne (1999)
PDRA, University of Reading (1994-1998)

PhD Meteorology, University of Reading (1994)
BSc Physics, Imperial College, London (1990)

Royal Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Sustainable Aviation Stakeholder Panel

Research Interests

Climate change, Radiative forcing, climate modelling, climate change impact, climate change adaptation, aviation and climate

Climate Change Series

The most influential climate science paper of all time

Oct 09, 2021 08:29 am UTC| Science

After the second world war, many of Japans smartest scientists found jobs in North American laboratories. Syukuro (Suki) Manabe, a 27-year-old physicist, was part of this brain drain. He was working on weather forecasting...

The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be

May 03, 2021 05:47 am UTC| Nature

Limiting global warming to 1.5℃ this century is a central goal of the Paris Agreement. In recent months, climate experts and others, including in Australia, have suggested the target is now impossible. Whether Earth can...

Climate Change Series

UK target to cut emissions 78% by 2035 is world-leading – but to hit it, policies must be rolled out now

Apr 23, 2021 11:51 am UTC| Nature

Everyday Im inundated with fresh news of businesses and governments declaring new deadlines for when theyll reach net zero emissions. The announcement of one climate target in particular caught my attention recently, for...



Honda issues recall for 725,000 SUVs and trucks in the US

Honda recalls around 725,000 units of vehicles after the discovery of an issue with the hoods. It was reported that the mentioned car part could pop open without warning while on the road. Honda said the issue affects...

Kakao enters healthcare business, deepening rivalry with Naver

Kakao has entered the digital healthcare business, and this will surely expand its rivalry with Naver Corp. that is already operating its medical service business. The company recently formed a team that includes medical...

Adidas promotes Star Wars gear ahead of The Book of Boba Fett series this December

Adidas is promoting its Star Wars collection inspired by the legendary galactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, featuring a pair of his Firebird Track Pants, ahead of its upcoming The Book of Boba Fett series at Disney+ on...

Amazon invests in fractional sports trading card, NFT marketplace Dibbs

Amazon is getting into sports collectibles by investing in fractional marketplace Dibbs, which recently launched a feature allowing users to sell stakes in their items with each other. The terms of Amazons investment...


Donald Trump lawsuit: Judge grills attorney for ex-POTUS' comments in rape defamation lawsuit

Amongst the slew of lawsuits and legal battles against twice-impeached, former President Donald Trump is the rape defamation case filed by columnist E. Jean Carroll. Last week, a federal appeals court heard the oral...

Afghanistan: West criticizes Taliban for 'summary killings' despite amnesty pledge

The Taliban is looking to gain international recognition as the new leaders of Afghanistan through the promise of presenting a more moderate approach to governing. However, the recent reports of killings have led a group...

Capitol riots: Insurrectionist asks courts for permission to attend wedding in Cancun ahead of sentencing

Hundreds of the members of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol were arrested and charged by the feds since the insurrection. One insurrectionist recently made a bizarre request to the courts, asking for permission...

Nancy Pelosi condemns Rep. Lauren Boebert's attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar

The recent Islamophobic attacks that Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert made against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar have also led to internal squabbles in the House Republican caucus. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Boeberts...


New study shows drinking coffee, tea may reduce risk of dementia, stroke

Coffee and tea drinkers had lower risks of dementia and stroke, according to a study published in Plos Medicine in November 2021. This study involved 365,682 participants aged 50 to 74 years from the UK...

Doosan Robotics launches collaborative robot cafe

Doosan Robotics Co. has produced an unmanned modular robot cafe, which refers to a robot that can work with a human. The unmanned modular robot cafe is 1.8 meters wide, 1.59 meters long, and 1.85 meters high. Doosan...

Nissan to roll out unmanned vehicle for traversing the moon's surface

Nissan Motor Co. rolled out on Dec.2 an unmanned rover prototype to operate on the moon using its electric cars all-wheel-control technology to let it operate under harsh conditions. The Japan Aerospace Exploration...

S. Korean researchers find use for apple peel and crab apple as natural pigment

South Koreas Apple Use Research Institute has developed a reddish natural pigment extraction and recycling method using wasted apple peel and crab apples. Apple peel contains the reddish natural pigments called...

Pigeons consider safety, food availability in picking where to perch

Pigeons consider safety and food availability in picking where to perch, according to Keio University professor emeritus of animal behavior, Shigeru Watanabe. The finding could help cities manage pigeon...


Report: Sony PlayStation to introduce an Xbox Game Pass rival in spring 2022

Sony is reportedly planning to introduce a video game subscription service that would rival Xbox Game Pass. However, it would also phase out PlayStation Now in the process. Microsofts Xbox Game Pass service has earned...

Apple could announce new top-tier iMac and first Mac Pro with Apple silicon in 2022

Apple is anticipated to make another huge wave of announcements for 2022, especially for its Mac line. The company is expected to announce a new top-tier iMac, as well as the first Mac Pro powered by its in-house...

Meta is expanding the Facebook Protect program to more users

Meta appears to be making more effort to push Facebook users handling high-profile pages to enable Facebook Protect features. Those who fail to turn on the safety tools might risk getting locked out of their...

Samsung Galaxy A73 could sport a 108MP main camera and launch in December

Renders allegedly showing the design of the upcoming Galaxy A73 surfaced recently, and it appears that Samsung is not planning a significant redesign. However, several notable changes in the technical specifications were...
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