Samantha Hepburn

Samantha Hepburn

Director of the Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Law, Deakin Law School, Deakin University
Samantha Hepburn teaches:
- Mining and Energy Law
- Property and Land Law
- Native Title
- Environmental Property including: water rights, indigenous environmental law, and the propertisation of carbon interests

Her research interests include:
-Unconventional gas regulation
-Climate Change Jurisprudence
- Property and Land Law
- Native title
- environmental property including: water rights, indigenous environmental law, and the propertisation of carbon interests.

Samantha completed her doctorate at the University of Melbourne. She has taught and researched at Monash, the Australian National University and Deakin University. Samantha has published extensively in her area of research. She has just written a book for Cambridge University Press on Mining and Energy Law and Policy in Australia. She has also written in the U.S on unconventional gas regulation and carbon capture sequestration regulation.

4 reasons why a gas-led economic recovery is a terrible, naïve idea

Aug 26, 2020 11:20 am UTC| Economy

Australias leading scientists today sent an open letter to Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, speaking out against his support for natural gas. Finkel has said natural gas plays a critical role in Australias transition to...



S. Korea’s coal power firms shunned from financing due to application of ESG standards

Financial investors are increasingly shunning South Koreas coal power companies due to the growing adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards in investment. Brokerage companies are now reluctant...

Kakao T, two other taxi-hailing brands register as transportation operators

South Koreas government has officially approved three major taxi-hailing service brands as platform operators, namely are Kakao T of Kakao Mobility, Banban Taxi of Kornatus, and i.M. Taxi of Jin Mobility to diversify means...

Hyundai NEXO, Toyota Mirai left to compete in fuel cell car market after Honda's exit

Japans Honda Motor Co. will stop producing the Clarity fuel-cell car in August this year as part of a broader push to trim underperforming models, thereby exiting the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market. Hondas exit...

Sumitomo shareholders, board insist on financing fossil fuel projects

Sumitomo Corp shareholders defeated a resolution requiring the firm to align its business with international climate change targets at their annual general meeting. The Japanese trading houses board is against the...

S. Korea's nuclear research institute hacked by N. Korean agency: lawmaker

South Koreas Ministry of Science and ICT official is investigating a potential hack into a state-run Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute by a group suspected to be associated with a North Korean intelligence...


Donald Trump election loss: Ex-POTUS says he 'didn't win' but did not drop false election fraud claim

For several months since the November 2020 presidential elections, former President Donald Trump has not admitted defeat against Joe Biden. In his latest interview, the former president admitted for the first time that he...

Nancy Pelosi opposes increase of gas tax to fund infrastructure projects in upcoming proposal

Following the passage of the American Rescue Plan, Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration are looking to pass a massive infrastructure package, much to the opposition of the Republicans. Democratic House...

Joe Biden commends Supreme Court decision to uphold Affordable Care Act

For years since its establishment, Republicans have sought to dismantle the Affordable Care Act that was signed into law by President Barack Obama. President Joe Biden now commended the Supreme Court for ruling against the...

Kamala Harris immigration: DHS chief pushes back on GOP Rep.'s question on if VP plans to visit border

Republicans have constantly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for not personally visiting the southern border as the Biden administration faces a record number of migrants looking to enter the US. Homeland Security...


Cern: how we’re probing the universe’s origins using record precision measurements

What happened at the beginning of the universe, in the very first moments? The truth is, we dont really know because it takes huge amounts of energy and precision to recreate and understand the cosmos on such short...

S. Korea to encourage private sector participation in miniature satellite project

South Korea will develop over 100 miniature satellites over the next decade to establish a national security monitoring system and testing next-generation network communications. The Ministry of Science and ICT expects...

S. Korea eyes carbon neutrality by commercializing carbon capture and utilization products by 2030

South Korea plans to go carbon neutral by commercializing 14 carbon capture and utilization products by 2030 and to invest over 100 billion won annually for the development of the technology beginning 2023. The progress...

Finland's Ant Brew offers beer created with goose poop

Finnish Brewery Ant Brew is offering the Wasted Potential Imperial Stout, produced by using goose feces to smoke malt. The microbrewerys home city, Lahti, which was named the European Green Capital 2021, wanted to...

UFOs: how to calculate the odds that an alien spaceship has been spotted

The US military has released previously classified photos and films related to unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings, which mostly show something blurry moving strangely. Still, I hear that a friend of a friend has...


KT to invest 23.6 billion won in fintech firms under Webcash Group

KT Corp. will invest a total of 23.6 billion won in three companies under the fintech-focused Webcash Group to strengthen its foothold in financial services. Of the amount, 14.4 billion won would be invested in Webcash,...

‘GTA Online’ will leave Xbox 360 and PS3 in December

The multiplayer GTA Online has been around for a while now that it was launched at a time when PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles are still frequently used. However, fans using these systems will need to buy new hardware soon if...

Slack introduces a new feature to schedule messages

The communication app widely used by teams within organizations and companies has a new feature that will allow users to schedule when to send a message. The function is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of...

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ patch 1.23 goes live ahead of RPG’s PlayStation Store return

Gaming fans speculated that a patch for Cyberpunk 2077 was to be released following the reports that the controversial RPG is coming back to the PlayStation Store. Now, CD Projekt Red released patch 1.23 with a...

Huawei will reportedly skip the Mate 50 series in 2021

Another powerful smartphone series from one of the worlds leading brands is reportedly not getting a refresh model in 2021. It became clear in the previous months that Samsung will not release the Galaxy Note 21 lineup...
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