Samantha Hepburn

Samantha Hepburn

Director of the Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Law, Deakin Law School, Deakin University
Samantha Hepburn teaches:
- Mining and Energy Law
- Property and Land Law
- Native Title
- Environmental Property including: water rights, indigenous environmental law, and the propertisation of carbon interests

Her research interests include:
-Unconventional gas regulation
-Climate Change Jurisprudence
- Property and Land Law
- Native title
- environmental property including: water rights, indigenous environmental law, and the propertisation of carbon interests.

Samantha completed her doctorate at the University of Melbourne. She has taught and researched at Monash, the Australian National University and Deakin University. Samantha has published extensively in her area of research. She has just written a book for Cambridge University Press on Mining and Energy Law and Policy in Australia. She has also written in the U.S on unconventional gas regulation and carbon capture sequestration regulation.

Global Geopolitics Series

The 'gas trigger' won't be enough to stop our energy crisis escalating. We need a domestic reservation policy

Aug 03, 2022 00:59 am UTC| Economy

Australias east coast gas crisis is set to sharply worsen. A new report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) notes supply conditions will deteriorate significantly in 2023 if no action is taken....

4 reasons why a gas-led economic recovery is a terrible, naïve idea

Aug 26, 2020 11:20 am UTC| Economy

Australias leading scientists today sent an open letter to Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, speaking out against his support for natural gas. Finkel has said natural gas plays a critical role in Australias transition to...



Apple's VP was caught in a controversy over remarks that went viral on TikTok.

Apples vice president Tony Blevins is stepping down after being caught on video spewing out unrefined comments. Unfortunately, this has circulated on social media and went viral on Tiktok. The Apple executive is said to...

Peloton will start selling its exercise equipment at Dick's Sporting Goods stores to boost sales.

Peloton Interactive Inc. has teamed up with Dicks Sporting Goods to sell its exercise equipment and fitness accessories in the physical stores of the sporting goods retail company. This would be the formers first-ever...

The ‘Luminary’ honor is the highest level of recognition accorded at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Hyundai Motor Companys Trailer Drone fully autonomous hydrogen mobility concept won the carmaker its first-ever Luminary honor at Red Dot Award. Germanys Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen hosts the annual event. The...

Korean Air will receive SAF from Shell at major airports in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions.

Korean Air Lines Co. has signed a five-year deal to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from the British firm Royal Dutch Shell plc. beginning in 2026 to help combat climate change. According to Korean Air, it will...

South Korea’s state power utility decided to jack up the adjusted unit fuel cost by 2.5 won per kilowatt hour.

Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) will raise fourth-quarter electricity rates for consumer and industrial use due to high energy costs and mounting losses. South Koreas state power utility decided to jack up the...


Opposition leader Keir Starmer calls for the government to recall parliament and scrap plans for tax breaks.

The British opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer has called for the government to recall parliament and scrap plans to cut taxes and increase borrowing. Starmer said that the government should recall parliament...

The White House announced during its summit on hunger, nutrition, and health that the private sector has made $8 billion in pledges to combat the issue.

US President Joe Biden announced this week that the private sector had pledged $8 billion to fight hunger in the country. Hundreds of millions of dollars would be spent on ensuring meals after lawmakers failed to extend...

US-based Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad said the ongoing protests are a "result of 40 years of women fighting back."

Protests continue in Iran following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of the countrys Morality Police. A US-based Iranian journalist said Aminis death marks a tipping point for Iran. Speaking with...

The acting Afghan commerce and industry minister said Russia will supply Afghanistan with gasoline, gas, diesel, and wheat as part of its provisional deal.

Afghanistans acting Commerce and Industry Minister said the insurgent group has signed a provisional deal with Russia to supply gas, diesel, and wheat. This comes as the ministry is looking to diversify its trading...


The NPS has been focusing on anthocyanins, the antioxidant-rich pigments that give blackberries and blueberries their signature shades.

The US Department of Agriculture approved the genetically modified purple tomato to extend its shelf life and boost nutritional quality almost 15 years after its development. According to biochemist Cathie Martin, she...

Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone payments after successfully passing key stages of the development and approval cycle.

South Koreas Celltrion Inc. will jointly develop and work on the market release with Abpro Corp. of the US on a breast cancer treatment candidate ABP 10 Under the deal, Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone...

Current Canadian and American management efforts do not go far enough to decrease entanglement hazards and encourage the recovery of the North Atlantic right whale.

The Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program added the American red lobster, caught in both US and Canada to its red list. Other species also added to the list are the snow crab, Atlantic rock crab, and others that...

The microscope unit, which also manufactures industrial endoscopes and x-ray analyzers, will be transferred to Bain on January 4, subject to antitrust regulatory approvals in Japan and elsewhere.

Olympus had agreed to sell its microscope unit to private equity firm Bain Capital for $3.1 billion as it speeds up the overhaul of its business portfolio to focus solely on medical technology The microscope unit, which...

The research team discovered that steamed mealworms emit a strong, corn-like odor, and when grilled or fried, they gave off a shrimp and frying oil-like scent.

South Korean researchers from Wonkwang University have developed a new process that uses edible insects to create meat-flavored seasoning. The research team came up with 98 volatile compounds with varying amounts of...


Japan will subsidize US chipmaker Micron Technolog

Japan will subsidize US chipmaker Micron Technology by up to $322 million to support its plan to produce advanced memory chips at a Hiroshima factory. Japans Economy and Trade Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said he hopes...

Snapchat’s community of over 347 million people globally will be able to watch LaLiga action.

Spanish soccers LaLiga announced a new content partnership with Snapchat set to bring premium content to millions of young fans on the short-form video platform. Snapchats community of over 347 million people globally...

Report claims Samsung will launch Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP main camera

More premium Android phones launching in 2023 are expected to feature a 200MP main camera. And a report now claims it got confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be one of those devices. Tech fans saw the...

Google is shutting down Stadia streaming and subscription in January 2023

Google announced on Thursday that it is shutting down Stadia servers in January 2023 after months of speculations about the streaming services future. The company assured customers that they would get a refund for hardware...

PlayStation Stars will provide priority customer support to Level 4 members

Sony just launched its new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars in Asia, including Japan, on Thursday. Players soon noticed that one of the perks of reaching the highest tier is getting better customer service, but...
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