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A Look at Where Companies are Investing Money in Digital Marketing in 2020

As 2020 kicks into full, most marketers are likely to be re-evaluating their marketing priorities and picking where to invest your company’s money. Digital advertising, content marketing, mobile ads, and social media marketing are all contributing to a significant change in consumer behavior. Therefore, rebalancing your digital marketing approach is the best way to improve results.

Here are top marketing tactics, priorities, strategies, and channels that will definitely get results throughout 2020 and many years to come.

Consumer experience

This is going to be the year of consumers. Over the past half a decade, there has been a massive shift in beliefs regarding what effective marketing is all about. It is more than just convincing your target audience to buy or work with your organization. Rather, the priority has shifted towards offering a fantastic customer experience that will keep your clients coming back for more.

When you focus on creating a positive business culture and offering excellent services, the marketing process becomes easier and sometimes takes care of its own. The growing importance of online content is giving consumers more power. Indeed, they’re no longer passive when it comes to learning about services and products. They don’t wait for you to tell them how special your services are. Rather, they do research and find out more about your products.

That means you must offer them something more than just information. Please consult with an expert in web design & development to help create an excellent platform where your audience can interact with your brand, get that unique experience they crave, and probably keep on coming back for more.

Strategic marketing transformation

Perhaps you have been reading about the top marketing trends and what they mean for your business. It is easy to think that the best way to make your marketing successful is just following a list of recommended practices and using the latest tech. However, marketing is becoming increasingly complicated. For your business to succeed, you need to think beyond this and link everything you do to the ‘why’ of your company.

Generally, strategic marketing transformation refers to the process when companies operating with no strategic marketing plan change its fundamental procedures and processes. The process can help improve consumer experiences, services, business reputation, boost brand awareness, and increase your company’s profitability.

Voice search

You have already heard about voice search. This concept has shown no signs of slowing down. Studies show that voice search will continue to have a significant influence on how companies produce content and market themselves on the internet.

An increasing number of consumers is expected to be using voice search in the future. Studies show that 61 percent of consumers who are aged 25 to 64 already using a voice search device claim that they will continue using it in the future. Therefore, it makes sense for brands to invest in this aspect of digital marketing.

If you’re still planning your marketing strategy for this year, you may want to incorporate these important aspects into your digital marketing strategy.

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