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Michael Schumacher health: Doctors fear the F1 champ might be infected with coronavirus

Photo by: 9 News/YouTube

Michael Schumacher has not fully recovered yet and in this time of health crisis, he is one of the most vulnerable individuals who can be infected by the coronavirus. In fact, doctors and other medical staff warned that if his family is not careful, the F1 legend could easily get the feared COVID-19.

Schumacher is has been listed under the bracket of people who are at high risk in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. This is because of his severe brain injury that resulted from his skiing accident in 2013. Since he is still being treated after all these years, his family should be extra careful of his health.

"For doctors and researchers, patients such as Schumacher, who have received extensive medical care for years and can only participate in public life to a limited extent, belong to the particularly vulnerable group of patients with high risk,” a German medical expert said.

Protecting Schumi

UK’s Express reported that Micahel Schumacher is vulnerable to the virus and he still needs extensive medical care even up to now. But fortunately, his family is said to have already taken measures to make sure he will be safe throughout the health crisis that the world is facing right now.

While the Schumacher family has only been receiving select visitors in their home to see Michael Schumacher, it seems that they further reduced the number of the people who come in contact with Schumi and this was their first step to keep his safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But then, even if they limit their visitors, the usual people that frequently come to see the F1 racer are doctors, nurses, health care providers and employees. They also go home or go to clinics and hospitals and this is where the problem really lies in this time.

Where is Schumi

Finally, it is difficult when Michael Schumacher needs to be brought to a medical facility for his treatments since he can be exposed to the virus when transported there. Thus, it was said that he is closely monitored by the medical experts who take care of him in his home in Switzerland.

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