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Orion Bailey Explains How Salesforce AI Works and How it Helps Companies Succeed

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce is able to coordinate sales, service, e-commerce, and IT into one coherent whole. Companies that use Salesforce include such big names as Unilever and T-Mobile.

One of Salesforce’s strengths is the use of artificial intelligence or AI technologies. Salesforce’s AI platform is called Salesforce Einstein. The service gathers data on user actions across the system and provides analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing capabilities.

The way in which Salesforce Einstein is set above the competition is in its massive user base. Salesforce Einstein is able to analyze all interactions with the software and use what it has learned to create appropriate and helpful responses.

Orion Bailey explains how Salesforce Einstein works, then goes over how the AI platform can help your business grow and expand, taking better care of your customers and taking advantage of a truly data-driven approach.

How Does Salesforce Einstein Work?

The Salesforce Einstein AI system works by applying advanced computing techniques. These advanced techniques include machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and automatic speech recognition.

Machine Learning

The system uses machine learning to derive customer insights from your CRM data. It also pulls information from your marketing campaigns, social media, and website. It analyzes sales and marketing data rapidly in order to bring you an understanding of what is currently happening with your business. It can also help you predict the next actions your representatives should take.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is another way that Salesforce Einstein sets itself apart from the competition. With natural language processing or NLP, Einstein Language can analyze customer input from various sources such as forms, emails, notes, and chatbot inquiries. The program scans the text to discover the sentiment behind it.

The program is able to detect positive or negative sentiment in these forms of communication, assigning a score to each interaction. If scores are poor, the record will be flagged so that customer service representatives can step in and try to make it right. Knowing that a customer is upset before beginning the interaction allows you to start off the conversation on the right footing.

Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots are more advanced than standard chatbots. Using Salesforce’s superior processing power, they are able to handle more customer interactions than the average chatbot.

Computer Vision

One of the most exciting capabilities of Salesforce Einstein is its computer vision system. With computer vision, the system is able to classify images, detect objects, and recognize text. Clients can use this information to manage their inventories and decide what needs to be restocked and when.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Einstein Voice is the latest addition to the Salesforce AI system. Einstein Voice connects to a number of voice chat systems including Alexa, Siri, and Google. It is able to have real-time chats with sales and customer service reps, letting them know what is happening with their customer base and if there are any situations that need particular attention.

How can Salesforce AI Improve My Business?

Exploring the exciting capabilities of Salesforce AI can help a company increase its performance across the board. All companies collect data about their customers, but an AI system can help them intelligently use this data in order to improve their business.

AI technology turns data into insights and predictions, giving employees a break from tediously processing the data themselves. Fewer pieces of information are apt to fall through the cracks when AI systems are in charge of processing customer data.

AI improves sales by enabling representatives to analyze their performance and discover the next steps they should take. AI systems are able to produce predictive information that helps sales reps to prioritize their leads and take quick action on higher-value opportunities. Digital assistants can help with the sales process by helping to schedule important calls and issuing reminders about the next steps the reps should take.

Salesforce AI is also a huge help with marketing. Within the system, each lead is ranked using a smart score. This score can help to predict which customers are likely to buy. A predictive intelligence system like Salesforce AI can spot future actions taken by particular customers and arrange its responses accordingly. Salesforce AI can also plan out when customers should be contacted for the best results.

Customer service is another area where Salesforce AI shines. AI software can automatically recommend actions to the customer service agent depending on the customer’s journey. It can suggest solutions for common problems based on the customer’s previous experiences. The system is also able to initiate contact with the customer on its own, sending sales emails with the items they are likely to buy. AI customer service also helps to cut down on customer churn.

Explore the Potential of AI

Salesforce’s AI system can give your business a significant advantage over the competition. It is able to help your business plan agile moves, caring for your customers in a way that ensures they will be loyal in the long term.

Orion Bailey believes that AI capabilities can enhance a business of any size, turning reams of customer data into actionable responses.

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