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‘World of Warcraft Classic’: Blizzard fixes a bug that shuts down BfA season 3 for Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds

From the ‘World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ cinematic trailer | Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment via World of Warcraft/YouTube screenshot

“World of Warcraft Classic” players welcomed the new year hoping to play the third season of Battle for Alliance (BfA). However, their plans were foiled after suddenly encountering a bug that caused Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds to suddenly end.

The good news is it only took Blizzard a couple of days to develop a hotfix for the issue. Now, “World of Warcraft Classic” players will only have to wait a few more hours until they can once again enjoy PVP gaming in BfA season 3.

World of Warcraft Classic’: Fix for BfA season 3 bug arrives early Friday

The latest update from Blizzard regarding this issue indicates that a fix for the issue is now ready. But the developers decided to wait until the realm restarts to deploy the hotfix.

The fix will be applied to the “World of Warcraft Classic” gameplay on Friday, Jan. 3, at 10 a.m. EST and the process could take up to three hours to complete. To address players’ concerns about the bug’s effects on the BfA Season 3, Blizzard noted, “We expect that we will be able to retroactively retain rating changes and tier updates.”

World of Warcraft’ in-game activities: Week-long bonus event goes live for players level 91 and above

Other parts of “World of Warcraft” are in better condition as 2020 begins. “World of Warcraft” players on level 91 and above are given a chance to join a bonus event that would lead to great rewards. Said event is situated in the Mists of Pandaria Heroic Dungeons.

To access the event, open the Group Finder and select Dungeon Finder and Timewalking from the “Type” menu. The option “Find Group” will randomly pair gamers with other “World of Warcraft” players. They will then be sent to one of the Heroic Dungeons selected for this bonus event.

Aside from the rewards at the end, “World of Warcraft” players can also expect bonuses while completing a game such as loots and reputation boosts. Throughout the challenges, players will be given Timewarped Badges that they can later exchange for the rewards.

Said rewards can be collected from Mistweaver Xia. “World of Warcraft” players joining the event could win the Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent, Pandaria faction and friendship Reputation Tokens, a set of vegetables, pets Infinite Hatchling or Paradox Spirit, and toys Adopted Puppy Crate or Portable Yak Wash.

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