Richard Holden

Richard Holden

Professor of Economics and PLuS Alliance Fellow, UNSW

Richard Holden is Professor of Economics at the UNSW Australia Business School and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow from 2013-2017.

Prior to that he was on the faculty at the University of Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received a PhD from Harvard University in 2006, where he was a Frank Knox Scholar.

His research focuses on contract theory, law and economics, and political economy. He has written on topics including: political districting, the boundary of the firm, incentives in organizations, mechanism design, and voting rules.

Professor Holden has published in top general interest journals such as the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

He is currently editor of the Journal of Law and Economics, and is the founding director of the Herbert Smith Freehills Inititative on Law & Economics at UNSW.

He has been a Visiting Professor of Economics at the MIT Department of Economics and Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

His research has been featured in press articles in such outlets as: The New York Times, The Financial Times, the New Republic, and the Daily Kos.

A connected world makes this coronavirus scarier, but also helps us deal with it

Feb 15, 2020 07:54 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology Health

The health implications of the Wuhan coronavirus (now called Covid-19) outbreak are, obviously, deeply concerning. At the time of writing, it had infected more than 50,000 people and killed more than 1,300. Cities and...

The Iowa caucuses still have a great claim to retain first-in-nation status

Feb 07, 2020 05:58 am UTC| Insights & Views Politics

The most notable thing about this years Iowa (Democratic) caucuses was the debacle where results could not be reported on the night and indeed for a good while after. Some combination of new reporting requirements, a...

Climate Change Series

Climate-linked financial crises loom, but the fix isn't up to central banks

Jan 24, 2020 05:35 am UTC| Insights & Views Economy

The Bank for International Settlements the central bank for central banks made headlines this week with a report outlining how the next major financial crisis may come from unexpected climate risks. The book calls...

Vital Signs Series

The end of the checkout signals a dire future for those without the right skills

Jan 18, 2020 04:45 am UTC| Insights & Views Economy

There has already been a fair number of jobs lost to automation over recent decades from factory workers to bank tellers. In the coming decade we might see radically larger numbers of jobs lost to automation, thanks to...

Australia's nation-building opportunity held hostage by the deficit daleks

Dec 22, 2019 14:01 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

As anticipated, the Australian government downsized a number of its economic forecasts in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) released this week. Also as anticipated, the federal government did everything...

Vital Signs: let's not weep for Westpac's board, but directors do need help

Dec 01, 2019 03:17 am UTC| Insights & Views Business

There are many reactions one can have to the shocking revelations of Westpacs failure to comply with Australias anti-money-laundering requirements. One reaction is its not that big a deal along the lines of now-ousted...

Vital Signs Series

Untaxing childcare is a bold idea that seems unfair, but might benefit us all

Nov 24, 2019 14:17 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

Australias system of childcare support is pretty good. It ensures high-quality care is provided to a large number of children, it is targeted through income-based subsidies, and it is attentive to the needs of...

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UK gilts jump despite encouraging labour market, jobless rate stays at 45-year low

The United Kingdoms jumped during European trading hours Tuesday even as the countrys labour market remained solid and promising, with the unemployment rate remaining at a 45-year low. The yield on the benchmark 10-year...

German bunds surge after February ZEW economic sentiment disappoints investors

The German bunds surged during afternoon session Tuesday after the countrys ZEW economic sentiment for the month of February, released today, disappointed market sentiments, while the index for current conditions worsened...

USD/ZAR likely to settle above 15.00 on a sustainable basis, says Commerzbank

The USD/ZAR currency pair is expected to settle above 15.00 on a sustainable basis, according to the latest research report from Commerzbank. The impression arises that the last hopes in the rand are slowly being dashed...

Australia ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence gains 1.2 pct last week

Australias ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence gained 1.2 percent last week, more than reversing last weeks loss and continuing the recent sawtooth pattern. The gains have been a little more than the losses, so the index...

PBoC to maintain prudent monetary policy but with flexibility to ensure reasonably adequate liquidity, says Scotiabank

The Peoples Bank of China (PBoC) is expected to maintain a prudent monetary policy but with flexibility this year to ensure reasonably adequate liquidity, according to the latest research report from Scotiabank. China...


Donald Trump reportedly claims losing the 2020 election means rigged votes

President Donald Trump is currently campaigning for reelection this November. Despite constantly denying that the 2016 election results were rigged, he appears to be prepared to make the same accusation come election...

Melania Trump mocked on social media for making a typo error

First Lady Melania Trump has always claimed that she is intelligent, given the number of languages she supposedly speaks. Recently, the First Lady suffered a little mishap on social media that got her mocked by the...

Pastor says Americans are saved from coronavirus because Donald Trump sides with life in the womb

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc within China and other countries ever since the outbreak a few months back. One religious leader claims that the Americans are saved from the virus because of President Donald...

Melania Trump reportedly does not have many friends and that’s ‘by design’

One might assume that Melania Trump has many friends surrounding her, given her status. However, an East Wing correspondent claimed that the first lady actually has very few of them. Melania Trump: Having a few friends...


Aliens: Scientists plan exploring other Earth-like planets in search of alien life

Space agencies all over the world continue to explore what lies beyond Earth and into the cosmos. Now, a group of scientists claims that alien life forms may exist in other exoplanets similar to that of Earth. Over the...

Asteroids: Rock traveling 48,400 mph heading towards Earth, says NASA

Another asteroid is apparently on its way towards Earth as space agency NASAs asteroid trackers have caught sight of the rock. A new report reveals how fast the asteroid is going, and whether or not it would actually...

Aliens: Extra-terrestrial hunter organization makes their data available to the public

For decades, various organizations and agencies, both public and private, have been on the search for signs of extra-terrestrials or life beyond Earth. One ET hunting organization, in particular, is asking the public for...

The ice melt in Antarctica 129,000 years ago caused a drastic increase in sea levels

Climate change is an issue that many are bringing to light and urging influential figures to make a change in the process, with activists like Greta Thunberg headlining the movement. Looking back at the cause of an extreme...


‘The Sims 5’ could be announced in 2020 with a 2021 release date

The Sims marks its 20th anniversary this year of dominating the life simulation video game subgenre. Fans are now hoping that developer Maxis and publisher EA would celebrate the milestone by providing updates on The Sims...

Sony Xperia 2 specs and features: Sony’s next flagship rumored to have same back camera package as the Samsung S20

The Sony Xperia 2 release date was rumored to be announced at the now-canceled Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the event did not push through due to the novel coronavirus, details about Sonys upcoming flagship...

‘League of Legends’ patch 10.4 release date: Some champions will be nerfed while others buffed

The League of Legends patch 10.4 release date will be arriving in a few days. Meanwhile, here are some of the changes that the patch would bring to the game. The League of Legends patch 10.4 will bring a host of changes...

Nintendo Switch games 2020: ‘Axiom Verge 2,’ ‘Gods & Monsters,’ ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ set to arrive to the console this year

Nintendo console gamers have a lot to look forward to this year. Here are some of the exciting titles that will be making their way to the Switch console. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Pokémon...
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