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Iran: Nuclear deal negotiators optimistic on reaching agreement

Dean Calma (IAEA) / Wikimedia Commons

The efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers picked up in recent weeks as negotiators resumed discussions in Vienna. Negotiators have also expressed some optimism that an agreement may be reached.

The top negotiators in the efforts to restart the 2015 nuclear deal expressed optimism that an agreement may still be reached after more than a year of discussions.

Russian ambassador Mikhail Ulyanov told reporters in Vienna Sunday that negotiations are coming close to an end, noting that there are only a few issues that need to be resolved.

“They are sensitive, especially for Iranians and Americans,” said Ulyanov, regarding the issues. “I cannot guarantee, but the impression is that we are moving in the right direction.”

The top negotiator for the European Union, Enrique Mora, also expressed optimism toward the discussions, which resumed Thursday last week with negotiators of Tehran and Washington indirectly engaging through the European Union.

“We are advancing and I expect we will close the negotiations soon,” Mora told Iranian media.

Amidst the restarting of discussions, the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, targeting its petrochemical exports. Iran responded to the sanctions by ordering its nuclear agency to feed fuel into its centrifuges, further ramping up its nuclear program.

This week, negotiations appeared to draw closer to an end when the European Union presented the “final text” for restarting the 2015 agreement.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the latest indirect discussions between Iran and the US, with the added participation of representatives of China, Russia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, focused on making technical adjustments from the previous new text that was proposed on July 21.

“What can be negotiated has been negotiated, and it’s now in a final text,” tweeted Borrell Monday following the latest round of discussions with the negotiators travelling back to their respective capitals for consultation.

Borrell added that if the answers are positive after consultations, then an agreement may be reached. Ulyanov also said that should there not be any objections between Iran and the US, then the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action would be restored.

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