David Knights

David Knights

Professor of Organisation Studies, Lancaster University
David Knights is a Distinguished Scholar and Professor in the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University Management School and at the Oxford Brookes Business School. His research is in the field of leadership, power and identity, gender and diversity, the body and ethics.

His most recent publications include: Knights, D and Clarke, C (2017) Pushing the Boundaries of Amnesia and Myopia: A Critical Review of the Literature on Identity in Management and Organization Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, 19, 3, pp. 337-356; Knights, D (2017) In remembrance of Professor Joan Acker: A legendary figure in the field of Gender, Work and Organization, Gender, Work and Organization DOI:10.1111/gwao.12223; Knights D and Clarke C (2018) Living on the Edge? Professions: their Preoccupations and Paranoias, Culture and Organization, Published online 30th Nov. 2017, 24, 2: 134-153; Clarke, C. and Knights, D (2018) Practice Makes Perfect? Skillful Performance in Veterinary Work, Human Relations, 71 (10):1395-1421; Ciulla, J., Knights, D., Mabey, C. & Tomkins, L., (2018a) Guest Editors’ Introduction in Philosophical Approaches to Leadership Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol 28, Issue 1: January, pp.1-14.;
17. Ciulla, J., Knights, D., Mabey, C. & Tomkins, L., (2018b) Guest Editors’ Introduction in Philosophical Approaches to Leadership Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol 28, Issue 3: June, Published online: 05 July 2018, pp. 245-250.
18. Clarke, C and Knights, D (2019) "Who’s a Good Boy Then”? Anthropocentric Masculinities in Veterinary Practice, in Special Issue on Non-human Animals, Gender, Work & Organization, 26, 3: 267-287. (DOI) - 10.1111/gwao.12244, July, (ABS 3)
19. Knights, D (2019) Gender still at work: Interrogating Identity in Discourses and Practices of Masculinity, Gender, Work and Organization, 26: 18-30, https://DO10.1111/gwao.12338.
20. Knights D and Clarke, C., Gendered Veterinary Organization, Veterinary Record, accepted 12th June 2019, published 0n line first 9th Sept. 2019 doi: 10.1136/vr.104994
21. Knights D and Latham, Y (2019) Disabled People and Digitalization: Disruptive Documents in Distributing Digital Devices? Organization Studies, Accepted 13.7.19, Forthcoming

His recent books are:

1. Knights, D and H. Willmott, Introducing Organization Behaviour and Management 3rd edition, London: Cengage Thomson Learning, 2017

2. Mabey C and D. Knights, “Leadership Matters?”: Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century, New York: Routledge, 2018

3. Thanem T and Knights, D Embodied Research Methods, Sage, 2019.

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As South Africa reflects on 30 years of democracy, its important to ask whether its cities have changed for the better when it comes to racial mixing. During apartheid, South Africas residential development was...


Trump’s lawyers in lawsuits claiming he won in 2020 are getting punished for abusing courts and making unsupported claims and false statements

Over the past four years, U.S. courts and state bar associations have taken action to protect the integrity of the U.S. judicial system by penalizing attorneys who filed meritless lawsuits claiming without evidence that...

Election 2024: polling shows voters don’t believe the tax pledges

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Wisconsin is a key swing state this year – and has a history of being unpredictable

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TSMC Weighed Leaving Taiwan Amid China Tensions, Deemed Move Infeasible

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The universe’s biggest explosions made some of the elements we are composed of. But there’s another mystery source out there

After its birth in the Big Bang, the universe consisted mainly of hydrogen and a few helium atoms. These are the lightest elements in the periodic table. More-or-less all elements heavier than helium were produced in the...

Engineering cells to broadcast their behavior can help scientists study their inner workings

Waves are ubiquitous in nature and technology. Whether its the rise and fall of ocean tides or the swinging of a clocks pendulum, the predictable rhythms of waves create a signal that is easy to track and distinguish from...

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Ancient DNA from an extinct native duck reveals how far birds flew to make New Zealand home

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