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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: A Look at the DPS Rankings

WoW Shadowlands brought about quite a few changes—most notably in the DPS rankings. Find out what changed and which builds are the best right here!

Which builds are the best? Find out here!

The introduction Shadowlands was indeed a game-changer. It marked the beginning of a new dawn for World of Warcraft. Quite frankly, it was long overdue and were thankful for it! But with all the changes that were unveiled in Shadowlands, a question needs to be asked: Have the DPS rankings been shaken at all?

Hold onto your mounts and fill your virtual pockets with cheap WoW gold as well as essential WoW items because we’re about to find out!

The Long and Winding Road

Don’t get too excited now. The rankings have mostly stayed the same. However, there are some slight changes that the trained eye will immediately see. And you’ll definitely want to take note of them when deciding on a DPS build.

On December 15th, last year, the Mythic difficulty Raid Finder Wing finally dropped, giving people a reason to raise their game. This, of course, came at the heels of the Normal and Heroic difficulties of Castle Nathria going live. Season 1 is set to run through until February of this year culminating in the opening of the Raid Finder Wing 4. As such, the long and winding road that Shadowlands is taking us on is expected to shake up the DPS rankings from its foundations all the way up!

Started From the Top and We’re Still Here

As of now, the best of the best in terms of DPS are still the Marksmanship Hunter and the Shadow Priest. But given the aforementioned nature of WoW, who knows how long they will stay on top! But with their innate ability to shine in endgame scenarios, they just might keep their feet firmly planted to where they are right now. We’ll see! Another contender for the top spot is the highly-touted Balance Druid. Again, it has undergone a slight change from its pre-patch version, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Much Ado About Nothing

The bottom line, at least for now, is that the DPS rankings for both the Normal and Heroic difficulties are pretty much the same. All changes were brought about when the Mythic difficulty dropped. Other than that, it was the Fire Mage that was buffed up—way before the release of Shadowlands. As a result, we’ve seen the Fire Mage take on a larger role during Mythic raids. Quite expected, really, but the Marksmanship Hunter and the Shadow Priest are still the creams of the crop!

In World of Warcraft, DPS rankings are ever-changing. That’s just the nature of things given WoW’s raids series and routine updates. What stays essentially the same is a player’s need to buy WoW gold. Stay tuned for more updates on WoW. ‘Til then, good luck and may fortune favor you as you journey through the wonderful yet perilous world of Azeroth!

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