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iPhone 12 release date, specs: 120Hz display refresh rate appears in leaked Pro Max prototype

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max | Photo credit: Thai Nguyen (@quangthai_itshop) / Unsplash

A photo and screenshot of a supposed iPhone 12 Pro Max prototype were leaked recently revealing some very interesting details about the device. The much-requested 120Hz refresh rate support appears in the display settings while the camera’s video mode reaches up to 4K@120fps.

iPhone 12 specs rumors: New leak sparks hope for 120Hz display

Hopes for the 120Hz display feature started to wither over the previous weeks as several Apple insiders reported that the company has dropped the plans to include this upgrade on any iPhone 12 model. However, Jon Prosser released some evidence in the latest episode of Front Page Tech showing that Apple is still testing the 120Hz refresh rate.

The video in question shows screenshots and videos of a reported iPhone 12 Pro Max unit for the Production Validation Test (PVT). As Prosser explained, PVT is one of the last stages that a product has to go through before its mass production begins.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max test unit includes a toggle to “Enable High Refresh Rate” within the display settings. Under it is another toggle to “Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate” which allows the device to automatically switch between 60Hz to 120Hz depending on the media content being displayed.

This is a better story than what was being reported from the supply chain over the past weeks, but it also does not guarantee that the 120Hz refresh rate is going to be in the final version of the device. Prosser pointed out that only about 50% of the PVT units support 120Hz. This explains why the “Enable High Refresh Rate” toggle has a note under it that reminds the engineer testing it to check if the device they got has high refresh rate support. On the other hand, seeing this feature still part of one of the final product testings means Apple has not completely given up on including 120Hz refresh rate, at least, in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The same video also showed other camera settings making references to the LiDAR sensor. It has been one of the widely rumored features that could only be present in the iPhone 12 Pro models. The PVT unit shows a function that allows for LiDAR-supported autofocus. There is also a hefty video mode setting of up to 4K @ 120fps and 4K @ 240fps for Slow-Mo.

iPhone 12 staggered release dates for the base and Pro models

After worries that the iPhone 12 launch would be extremely delayed due to COVID-19, release date in the Fall is now looking more likely. However, Apple is not expected to keep its unveiling event in September. The company is rumored to hold its iPhone 12 event in October a week before the shipping date for the base models while the Pro units might not arrive in stores until November.

Featured photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash

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