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7-Eleven, Walmart’s muffin brands recalled due to listeria contamination

Photo by: Kaihao Zhao/Unsplash

7-Eleven and Walmart have a lot of items and brands in their stores, and it was revealed that some of the muffin brands that they sell had been recalled. Based on the report, around seven brands are affected.

Reason for the muffin recall

According to Fox Business, many muffin products that were distributed to major store retailers across the United States are being recalled after it was discovered that they may have been contaminated with harmful bacteria, which is listeria monocytogenes in this case. Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Stop & Shop are among the list of retailers that sell the affected muffins.

The number of the recalled items is more than two dozen, and these were distributed in stores, including the ones mentioned above. The stores have issued a separate recall notice to inform and warn their own customers. The notes were posted on their own websites and social media pages.

On the other hand, one of the muffin brands affected by possible listeria contamination is the Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp. The company voluntarily recalled some of its muffins after receiving test results. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also posted Give and Go Prepared Foods’ official notice on its website.

“We became aware of this issue as part of our environmental monitoring program,” Give and Go wrote in the recall notice. “To date, we have received no reports of illness related to this issue and are taking this action out of an abundance of caution.”

The company also asked people who have purchased the muffins to discard them immediately. The complete list of the affected products was also listed on the FDA’s announcement.

Meanwhile, listeria is an organism that can cause severe infections in children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems. It can also be fatal for these groups, and for those who are healthier adults, they may suffer from short-term symptoms including nausea, severe headache, high fever, stiffness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Pregnant women who may have consumed listeria-contaminated foods may be at risk for miscarriage and stillbirth as well. The infection in affected people may also lead to severe illness as the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body and not just in the gut.

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