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Donald Trump’s posture is allegedly bad because he wears a girdle? ‘Obese’ POTUS reportedly very ‘vain’

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s posture and manner of standing have oftentimes been criticized. Some netizens and journalists have claimed that the way that the POTUS stands makes him look like a penguin.

Eagle-eyed netizens have also noticed how Trump oftentimes stands with his upper body bent a bit forward, which makes it seem as though he would fall on the ground at any given time.

Political Flare journalist Nicole James claimed to know the reason behind Trump’s awkward appearance and said that it is most likely due to his obesity and his girdle.

Since Melania Trump’s husband wears a girdle, it is possible for him to not be able to breathe properly in public. The POTUS’s girdle also explains why he is unable to sit with his back resting on the chair. James said that the way that Trump sits makes it seem as though he’s sitting on the toilet.

Meanwhile, the journalist also described the president as someone who is very vain. Even though he was never fit-looking, Trump reportedly thinks that he’s good looking.

“Trump had scalp-reduction surgery in 1989 to shrink a bald spot; his “hair” notoriously undergoes myriad strange mutations, and he wears heavy make-up of ever-changing hues,” she wrote.

On Twitter, the POTUS also appeared to be so full of himself when he shared a photo that shows his face on top of another man’s body. The hunky man is topless in the snap and is wearing his boxing attire.

However, Twitter user @DrGJackBrown claimed that there’s another reason why Trump has a bad posture. He said that it’s because of the POTUS’s specialized lift-shoes.

“Donald Trump is standing with this posture - primarily because he has specially crafted, 'lift shoes'. His added 2.0 - 3.0-inch heel-height causes him to lean forward. This configuration is accentuated by his obesity,” he wrote.

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