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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date: Battery specs reportedly get a downgrade; firmware development is underway

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold | Photo credit: Mika Baumeister (@mbaumi) / Unsplash

There could be even more curiosity around the Galaxy Z Fold 3 now that it is even more unlikely for Samsung to refresh the Galaxy Note series this year. Latest reports claim that the foldable smartphone might receive a slight downgrade in its battery specifications while another tip suggests its firmware has entered development already.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs: What to expect

With more displays to power, it is no surprise that Galaxy Z Fold 3’s battery specs are some of the most important features that concern its potential buyers. The Elec reported recently that the upcoming phone’s battery would have a lower capacity than its predecessor going down from 4,500mAh to 4,380mAh.

The same report notes that the smaller battery could be caused by the slight change in the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s display sizes, which are expected to measure at 6.2 inches for the cover screen and 7.5 inches for the inner folding display. The latter is slightly smaller than the predecessor’s 7.6-inch screen.

While tech fans may prefer a bigger battery for a newer device, the 3 percent change that takes away only 120mAh in the battery specs should not pose a significant run down. And the cause of the slight battery downgrade might even mean something good for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Tom’s Guide speculates that the upcoming foldable smartphone might also need some extra space to accommodate for its rumored support for the S Pen stylus.

There are only a few details in the rumor mill about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at the moment. But considering Samsung’s previous plans, the device could launch with the latest flagship processing chips, such as Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. Meanwhile, earlier reports have also claimed it could ship with new color options, including black and green variants.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date expected in H2 2021

The making of Galaxy Z Fold 3 appears to be moving forward as well. SamMobile reported that the development of its firmware has already started, which is expected to be based on One UI 3.5. It is the latest Samsung operating system skin for its Galaxy phones using Android 11.

This is an important detail because it suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could launch soon. There have been reports that it could be announced in July, along with the next Galaxy Z Flip.

Featured photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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