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These are the Top 5 cars for Business Professionals in 2021

In building your image in the business world, everything counts. The car you drive speaks to potential clients even before you step out of it. If you are in the entry level or mid-level management levels, mid-budget professional cars such as Honda CRV, Nissan Murano, or Toyota Fortuner will send the right signals. However, if you are a business executive, you need to be as sophisticated as a Jaguar, classic like a BMW, or bossy and sleek like a Mercedes Benz. Your car isn’t just an accessory, but a part of your lifestyle. According to experts at, these are the top 5 cars for business professionals and executives.

Mercedes C-class

Mercedes Benz has maintained top ranking in the league of luxurious cars, with the Mercedes C class being the Brand’s top selling car since 1982. The C Class has sold over 10million cars. Each year, the manufacturer keeps improving the C - class model to keep up with the world’s leading cars and why business professionals can’t get enough of its features. The C class also comes at a great price with the new, 2021 model costing as low as $46,425 for the entry level mode.

Although it looks similar to its siblings in the E class and S class series, there are new distinctive features in the new improved 2021 model. One way to tell the C - class from its siblings is the single dot light design in the front headlights. The E - class comes with 2 dots pattern while the S - class has 3 dots.

The C class interior looks great with ambled lights around the smart-looking door design, the dashboard and the floor. The seat comes with a full back rest massaging function and seat heating feature, all of which is controlled from the tablet-like 9.4inches standard center touch screen. The advanced center screen allows other app downloads, which makes communication on the road easier. It is important to note the Mercedes voice assistant can work with other smart devices like your home security system - yes! Insane!

Body work of the 2021 Mercedes C class is like previous models, not much changes. However, the headlights are much thinner, giving it a cat eye frontier look; a central star “Mercedes Benz logo”, with baby 3-point stars all around the big front grill.

BMW 3 Series

In the business world, there are professionals who appreciate familiarity, knowing exactly what they’re getting into before they get into deals. If you fall in that bracket, then the BMW car brand is most likely for you.

With BMW 3 series, you know what to expect. It is quite identical to the BMW 5 series. The body construction of the car gives a strong, muscular look. A major difference between all BMW models remains the slightly different effects and shapes of the grill.

The BMW 3 series commands respect, and in a class of its own. A car built for top executives, from the firm but soft body of the interior to the traditional-looking dashboard. The car comes with a personal driving assistant that can be activated with a simple “Hey BMW”. It also has electrical adjustable front seats with memory functions, and a holder above the backseat for suits.

It stays true to its BMW traditional style, and remains a classic.

2021 Jaguar XF Sedan

Looking for an elegant car that matches your fly as an executive but gives a comfortable riding experience and its family friendly? The latest addition to the Jaguar XF model is the car for you. Running at 155miles per hour and a starting price at $45,15, the Jaguar XF 2021 model has an aggressive yet sophisticated look to it compared to its younger breed XE.

The front end design of the car is quite distinctive, with the side vents having a diamond pattern grille design, and an all new slimmer looking quad-pixel LED technology headlights. Giving the Sedan an even sportier body look is the lift pattern on the truck, a shark fin design on the roof, and the hidden tail pipes underneath the car - quite mysterious.

Although the Jaguar XF looks small on the outside, the inside of the car is very spacious and accommodating. It comes with heated and ventilated seats, which is turned on or off from an option on the 11.4 inches display touch screen right above the center console. The touch screen also comes with a 360 camera and a 3D option that gives an unobstructed view around the exterior of the car.

Adding to its sophisticated look is the wooden leather interior look, with vibrant colors, and a two-tone pattern steering wheel. With the 2021 Jaguar XF, you can be family-oriented when picking a car and still standout among your peers.

Tesla Model S

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S is a car that spells luxury by just stepping inside of it. Since its debut in 2012, the car has set a standard for other cars like Porsche, jaguar, even Mercedes to follow in interior designing and creating electrical-like cars.

The Tesla model S is one quarter of the Tesla S.3.X.Y car models - the Tesla model S, Tesla model 3, Tesla model X, and Tesla model Y. The Tesla cars are indeed sexy looking, and don't require fuel to operate. You can charge the car at home, and/or at any Tesla charging port around the globe, which gives Tesla an advantage over other electric cars.

This sporty car is incredibly fast, and can fully drive itself with its Autopilot feature. It also comes with a 17inches touch screen in the middle of the dashboard that controls basically all the features of the car, except adjusting of the steering wheel. The car has options for camping and dog temperature adjustments, so if you love to camp or a dog lover, the Tesla model S is a great option to consider.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

If you love a sporty car that is affordable and still say stylish, I recommend the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Created by the Italians, you can bet it has that Italian flair to it. Beautifully crafted body work, portable, and fast, it will have the attention of anyone who sights it.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is just as beautiful as the exterior. Adjustable front seats and steering wheel to suit its driver, to the portable looking dashboard and a 8.8inches screen seamlessly placed on the dashboard. The backseat might not comfortably take 3 adults, but again, the car is shaped to give a sporty look.

In terms of quality, the Audi 4 or Mercedes C - class rank higher, but the Alfa Romeo Giulia holds its place as a luxury sport car made for professionals that love to drive and have fun on the road, with a sleek-looking frontier, strong engines, sharp steering, and absorbs bumps well.

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