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Vivo promises ‘major Android OS upgrades’ for three years on select models launching after July

From an official Vivo X50 series trailer | Photo credit: Vivo India / YouTube screenshot

Vivo announced it will provide regular major Android updates for selected models. However, it appears that the new offer will not be implemented on phones already in the market.

Vivo announces three-year OS updates support for ‘selected models’

With cyber attackers getting more creative, especially against mobile phone users, the promise of regular operating system updates becomes an essential factor to consider when buying a new device. It is then not surprising that more smartphone makers are introducing new plans to regularly update the phones they release in the market.

Vivo is the latest Android-powered smartphone maker to announce a more defined schedule of deploying OS updates to its customers. The company confirmed in an official statement that phones part of its flagship X series are getting “major Android OS upgrades and security updates” for three years for customers in India, Europe, and Australia.

However, Vivo also noted that the three-year software support will only apply to devices launched after July 2021. That means the recently released X60 series is not included in the new updates schedule. But Vivo promised that premium X series phones will still get regular Android security updates.

The announcement should be a welcome bit of news, especially to smartphone users who do not want to buy a new device so often. “With this pledge, we are making a promise to our customers that they will be able to enjoy a premium smartphone experience for an extended period and continue to benefit from the latest software features,” Vivo SVP Yujian Shi said in the statement.

Samsung, Oppo previously confirmed extended Android OS update support

Oppo also recently confirmed that its selected premium phones are getting extended software support. Like Vivo, Oppo is one of the smartphone manufacturers under the BKK Electronics conglomerate.

Oppo confirmed to Android Planet that its latest flagship series, including Oppo Find X3 Neo, Find X3 Lite, and Find X3 Pro, are getting three years of regular updates instead of just two. In the same report, the company said it is considering extending it to four years.

Vivo’s and Oppo’s new schedules extended software support follow Samsung’s announcement earlier this year. The South Korean tech giant confirmed that its Galaxy devices are getting regular security updates for four years from their initial release dates, which is one year more than what Google offers for Pixel phones.

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