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‘F1 2021’ release date, pre-order: New story mode ‘Braking Point’ and a ‘huge update’ for career mode await in July

From the F1 2019 game launch trailer | Photo credit: Codemasters / YouTube screenshot

The official video game sim of the prestigious Formula 1 race is getting a new iteration this year, officially titled “F1 2021,” and will launch in July. Aside from the ceremonial gameplay upgrades and addition of new content, developers also confirmed that the franchise is getting a staple EA Sports game mode with the introduction of the “Braking Point” story mode.

‘F1 2021’ gameplay: What to expect

Almost every video game that EA Sports is publishing features a new story mode every year, and the “F1 2021” is finally getting the same treatment. Details are still scarce, though. But the game’s official announcement hints that it will have the same formula of following a fictional character’s journey, in this case, going from the Formula 2 races to the Formula 1 championship.

If the other EA Sports titles have taught fans anything, it is to expect storylines covering the main protagonist’s professional and personal struggles. Developer Codemasters has yet to reveal details about the protagonist of the story mode, but it has been announced that a familiar face is coming back to play an important role in “Braking Point.” Devon Butler, whom players have known as the notorious F2 rival, will return through the new story mode likely with the same purpose.

Codemasters also promised a “huge update” in the “F1 2021” career mode that will allow players to have their friends join them in online co-op matches. The developer is also adding an option to choose a rival team while assuring each player will have “full control” on their driving assists, so the gameplay would not lose its essence of being a career game mode.

“F1 2021” is also launching with a new feature called Real-Season Start that will let players start their game at any point in the season. Once they join, players are promised to get “real-time drivers’ and constructors’ standings” based on the real-life Formula 1.

Following its annual tradition, “F1 2021” will continue to feature real-life race circuits such as Portimao and Imola, even including the new venue in Jeddah, which Formula 1 will use for the first time this December. These three circuits were confirmed as free post-launch DLCs.

‘F1 2021’ release date, pre-order details

Pre-order for “F1 2021” is now open with choices between a Standard Edition ($59.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition ($74.99). The former comes with a free 5,000 PitCoins in-game currency, along with access to the Braking Point content. The more pricey option comes with 18,000 PitCoins, three-day early access, the story mode, and other perks.

“F1 2021” will be released on July 16 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For the new-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Codemasters confirmed the game will launch with “next-gen visuals and faster loading times."

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