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Joe Biden reacts to German election results

White House / Wikimedia Commons

Germany is currently undergoing its federal elections to determine who would succeed Angela Merkel in the chancellor position. This week, US President Joe Biden reacted to the news of the results in the country’s election so far.

Biden returned to Washington after spending the weekend at Camp David, where he was told by a reporter the results of Germany’s election. The left-leaning Social Democratic Party is revealed to be leading in the results against Merkel’s right-leaning Christian Democratic Union and Social Christian Union. The SDP has 25.9 percent of the votes so far, while Merkel’s coalition has 24.1 percent of the votes.

“I will be darned,” said Biden upon hearing of the news.

“They’re solid,” said the US leader regarding the SDP’s projected lead against the conservative alliance of Merkel, according to Reuters.

Coalition negotiations are expected to begin, but it may take weeks or even months before a consensus is reached among factions. The election on Sunday also comes as relations between the US and Germany have hit a strain. The incoming German government will have to work with the Biden administration in order to resolve tensions between the two countries.

The issues that have caused a strain on US-Germany relations include the AUKUS deal with Australia and the United Kingdom, the aftermath of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, alongside a lack of a solution to the long-term tariffs that have been imposed on goods. The US also did not allow travelers from the European Union of countries to enter the US this summer despite the EU already allowing US travelers back in June.

The US has also opposed Germany’s deal with the Russian energy firm Gazprom regarding a pipeline. The pipeline is awaiting German regulators after construction is completed.

Meanwhile, Biden also received his COVID-19 booster shot at the White House as per the advice of the CDC to allow booster shots to Americans 65 years old and up. Aside from Americans 65 years old and older, those with existing medical conditions and those who are constantly exposed to the virus in their workplace.

During his shot, Biden criticized those who still refuse to take the vaccine and noted that only 77 percent of the country had been vaccinated so far.

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