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Melania Trump renovations: Here are 3 major changes the FLOTUS did for the White House

Photo by: FLOTUS/Facebook

Melania Trump has been renovating the White House since she became the First Lady in 2017. Although the public has criticized her for changing some of the rooms and areas around the White House, professional designers have praised the works she did for the official residence of the American presidents.

The FLOTUS did not mind the bashings and continued with her goal of improving the White House interiors. They are saying that Melania Trump is surely making sure that she is leaving traces of her in the White House as its 45th First Lady but then again, her intentions are purely to upgrade the historic building and restore it as needed.

Most people are not aware of the things she did to the White House so below are some of the renovation works she spearheaded in three years. It should be noted that before she redecorates, her proposals should be approved by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House first.

The Rose Garden

Melania Trump’s latest project is reconstructing the historic Rose Garden. It was reported that she would like to style it based on the garden’s blueprint that was created in 1962.

The FLOTUS wants this garden to revert back to its original design when it was build during President Kennedy’s time. Some modern infrastructures will also be added and its drainage will be overhauled to create a healthier environment.

The Green Room

This area has been used as a guest bedroom, dining room, parlor and even a card room in the past years. The First Lady thinks she needs to update this space with some improvements.

The good thing is she did not spend much on this because rather than buying a new set of curtains, her talent in decorating kicked in and she simply flipped the old curtains inside out. This move brought the textile from the backside to the front and just replaced the fringe for a whole new look and it was a great idea.

"I love that someone thought that flipping the fabric over was an option! How cool is that?" Realtor quoted Kim Gordon, an LA-based home designer, as saying. "And that’s an amazing idea for homeowners to think about: repurposing and not buying everything brand-new."

The Diplomatic Reception Room

This is the White House’s South Lawn main entrance so there is a lot of foot traffic in this space. It is no wonder that the rug in this place easily gets worn out and Express reported that Melania Trump designed a new carpet with the flowers of all the 50 states of America. She replaced the very old one and reupholstered the chairs in this room as well.

Finally, Melania Trump also built a tennis pavilion, renovated the White House’s bowling alley and brought back the Blue Room’s original furniture. "All the upgrades are reasonably thoughtful, nothing appears to be overly eccentric or tasteless, and these are improvements that will serve the house well for years to come," Cedric Stewart, a real estate agent in Washington, DC. stated.

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