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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 271 spoilers: Tokoyami rescues Hawks from Dabi as Gigantomachia senses Shigaraki

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“My Hero Academia” chapter 271 release date will finally arrive in a couple of days. However, there are spoilers about the upcoming manga installment floating around thanks to untranslated scans already making their way online.

One of the biggest surprises in “Boku no Hero Academia” chapter 271 is its change in focus. While fans are already at the edge of their seats trying to guess if Shigaraki would wake up after the vat was destroyed, they won’t be able to find the answer in “MHA” chapter 271.

Unfortunately, fans eager to see what happens to Shigaraki would be left hanging in “BNHA” 271. Instead, the chapter will focus on the action happening at the Paranormal Liberation Front headquarters.

Previously, Hawks was not in a good position. He was badly injured and, worse, Dabi was about to unleash a move to finish the pro-hero off.

Fortunately, someone finally rescues Hawks from the villain in “My Hero Academia” chapter 271. Tokoyami arrived in the nick of time to save the number 3 Pro-hero.

The two enemies fight. What’s amazing is that Tokoyami is able to stand his ground even when fighting someone was powerful as Dabi, which goes to show how much he has improved recently. What’s even more amazing is that he is fighting Dabi while carrying Hawks the entire time.

Eventually, Tokoyami is at a disadvantage. But as Dabi is about to unleash what might have been a killer move, tons of ice appear seemingly out of nowhere.

The ice was actually a quirk from one of the Paranormal Liberation Front members. While it is not specifically aimed at Dabi, it disrupts him from carrying out his attack.

As Dabi is momentarily distracted, Tokoyami makes his escape. He is seen speeding off while carrying Hawks, who is already unconscious at this point due to the injuries he received.

Before “MHA” chapter 271, it zooms in on Gigantomachia. It appears that the villain was able to sense of Shigaraki’s presence, perhaps due to the vat containing the villain already broken.

He sniffs the air and detected the presence of Shigaraki. It’s safe to assume that he’ll likely save Shigaraki in “My Hero Academia” 272.

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