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North Korea: Kim Jong-un says nuclear deterrent is ready

US Department of State / Wikimedia Commons

The continued weapons tests by North Korea have flared tensions in the Korean peninsula. North Korean leader Kim Jong–un said the nation was ready to mobilize its nuclear deterrent in case of a military clash.

In remarks commemorating the 69th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, Kim said the nation is ready to mobilize its nuclear deterrent in the event of a military clash, according to state media outlet KCNA.

Kim also took a swipe at South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, accusing the conservative leader of threatening the security of North Korea and its right to defend itself.

“Our armed forces are thoroughly prepared to respond to any crisis, and our nation’s nuclear war deterrence is also fully ready to mobilize its absolute strength, faithfully, accurately, and promptly to its mission,” said Kim.

Kim said the United States is continuing its “dangerous, illegal, hostile acts” against North Korea and is trying to justify such acts by antagonizing the country.

Kim continued to call out the “warmongers” and “disgusting thugs” in Yoon’s administration, claiming that Seoul is bent on confrontational military activities, citing its weapons developments and push to bring back US strategic assets and allied military drills.

The North Korean leader’s remarks follow concerns by Seoul and Washington that Pyongyang has finished preparations to conduct its first nuclear test since 2017, after multiple weapons tests that were carried out this year.

The unification minister of South Korea, which oversees relations with North Korea, said Tuesday that it was possible that North Korea may conduct a nuclear test around the anniversary of the armistice. However, a military official said there has not been an indication.

South Korea’s foreign minister said Wednesday that should North Korea push through with its nuclear test, it will likely face stronger sanctions that may target its cyberattack capabilities.

Yoon’s office responded to Kim’s remarks, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news outlet. Yoon’s office said it expressed deep regret, saying that South Korea is capable of responding to any provocations by North Korea at any time.

“We once again urge North Korea to take the path of dialogue to achieve substantive denuclearization and peace,” said Yoon’s spokesperson Kang In-sun during a briefing.

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