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'World of Warcraft Classic' updates: Phase 2 launches before 2019 ends with two added world bosses

From the “World of Warcraft Classic” announcement trailer | Photo credit: World of Warcraft channel/YouTube screenshot

“World of Warcraft Classic” is one of the video game titles that have very dedicated players. So it is not surprising if many of them were already able to reach the maximum level 60 after only two months since it launched in late August.

The good news is that it was confirmed before that there will be several phases of updates where new gameplay features and content will be introduced. This week, it was confirmed that the second phase of “World of Warcraft Classic” will go live even before 2019 ends.

World of Warcraft Classic’ gameplay: Developer confirms Phase 2 goes live very soon

“World of Warcraft Classic” game director Ion Hazzikostas told PC Gamer in an interview that phase 2 is slated to launch later this year. The year 2019 is almost down to its final two months, so players should expect that the wait will not be that much longer.

The items included in the second phase of “World of Warcraft Classic” are still under wraps. But Hazzikostas has confirmed that the highlights include the addition of two fierce boss enemies, namely the doom lord Kazzak and blue dragon Azuregos.

World of Warcraft Classic’ phase 2 will no longer have layering

Phase 2 is not only an addition of new content. It can be recalled that Blizzard has utilized the layering scheme for the release of “World of Warcraft Classic,” helping its servers manage the wave of players accessing the game at the same time. Layering practically disperses players onto different areas within various realms.

The layering tech of “World of Warcraft Classic” garnered some negative feedback over time. For one, there were complaints that some players abuse it for faster respawns to level up easier. On the bright side, layering was not a permanent feature. And this is slated to disappear in phase 2 completely.

This change will affect how Kazzak and Azuregos can be accessed in “World of Warcraft Classic” phase 2. "When Kazzak is up, we only want one Kazzak," Hazzikostas explained. "That's kind of a central dynamic of how that needs to play out in the outdoor world."

Blizzard has been removing multiple layers of the same area in “World of Warcraft Classic” in the past weeks. On Tuesday, community manager Kaivax said in the official online forum that 17 more realms had reached its final state where there is only a single layer each. The developers are aiming to do the same for the rest of the realms “soon."

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