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Fila releases 'Famous New York Style Pizza Collection' sneakers

Fila's “Famous New York Style Pizza Collection”

Fila is collaborating with five pizza shops from different boroughs as part of their new “Famous New York Style Pizza Collection,” consisting of five pairs of sneakers.

The five culinary institutions across the boroughs, each designated with their own FILA footwear silhouette, are Manhattan's Rubirosa Ristorante, Bronx’s Louie and Ernie’s, Brooklyn’s Roberta’s, Queens’ sLICe, and Staten Island’s Lee’s Tavern.

The shoes have their own distinct color sets, topped with unique details and logos representing each restaurant.

All pairs have shoeboxes styled after classic pizza boxes, while the backs of the tongues feature a map of NYC, each pinpointing the locations of each establishment.

sLICe ibrings its trademark colors of macadamia, orange, and black to the FILA Renno, with co-branded logos on the tongue and pizza patterns on the insoles, which sells for $100.

The signature storefront iof Rubirosa Ristorante’s is seen on the striped panel on the upper of the FILA Renno, which costs $100. On the heel is a message of “One Love”, a nod to the shop's founder, AJ.

Roberta’s applies its signature script logo in a red hue and all-over-print style onto an all-white FILA Original Fitness Ripple for $85.

Louie And Ernie’s is given an Italian red, green, and white colorway on the $100 FILA Renno variant, while the shop’s policies of “No Delivery” and “Sorry, Cash Only” decorate the uppers.

A clean white and black colorway is applied to Lee’s Tavern's $90 FILA F-13 variety, with “Lee’s Tavern Est 1940” and the owner’s catchphrase, “What the world needs is pizza and quiet,” on the heel.

FILA’s Famous NY Style Pizza Collection is available at Foot Locker locations and online, but some sizes are already sold out.

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