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‘Starfield’ release date could be in 2022; gaming insider ‘confirms’ it’s exclusive to Xbox and PC

From the Starfield announcement trailer | Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks / YouTube screenshot

“Starfield” is back in the headlines over the last few days after a slew of newly leaked photos has appeared online. However, the new leaks do not seem to indicate that the game is launching soon.

More ‘Starfield’ photos leak but release date not expected in 2021

A couple of images first appeared last Friday that was reportedly posted online at random, where the space company “Axion Energy” was referenced repeatedly. Known Bethesda insider Skullzi later confirmed that the images were part of an earlier “Starfield” build, just like the other photo leaks in the previous months.

Skullzi has also posted leaked photos of his own, including one that suggests “Starfield” will have gameplay in a first-person perspective. In another post, the leaker shows a more rugged-looking headgear that does not look similar to the one worn by the main protagonist in most leaks.

However, Skullzi has warned fans that the “Starfield” images that appeared in the wild this year were all part of the game’s in-development build from 2018. Considering that was roughly two to three years ago, it would not be surprising if some of these images are no longer accurate to the current version of the game.

Video game fans may get more official updates in the coming weeks. Xbox was one of the companies that confirmed its attendance for E3 2021 next month. That means Bethesda, and possibly other ZeniMax Media subsidiaries, could be part of a major Xbox media presentation where “Starfield” might finally appear.

Several video game insiders, however, are predicting that “Starfield” may not launch in 2021. There have been speculations that the space epic would launch around fall this year, but Skullzi commented that the holiday season may be too busy already to launch an all-new IP.

Among the games from well-established franchises highly anticipated to launch later this year are “Halo Infinite” and the next “Battlefield.” With that, “Starfield” is not expected to be released until 2022.

‘Starfield’ availability: Bethesda’s new IP won’t launch on PlayStation consoles

As for the availability of “Starfield,” well-known gaming insider Jeff Grubb has stated that the game will be exclusive on Xbox platforms and PC. While Bethesda has yet to make the proper announcement, the fact that the studio is now officially a company owned by Microsoft should make it self-explanatory why the new space epic game is not expected to launch on PS4 and PS5 anymore. This also makes it very likely for “Starfield” to become available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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