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Tencent Music: Chinese music streaming company names Ross Liang as its new CEO

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Tencent Music revealed this week that it has appointed its new chief executive officer and chairman. The announcement shows a major leadership shake-up in the company but it was a welcomed change.

The executive shuffle at Tencent Music

The Chinese music streaming firm released a statement to inform everyone that Cussion Kar Shun Pang has vacated his post as Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s chief and handed over the position to Zhu “Ross” Liang.

Cussion will not be leaving the company though as he will take on another job as the chairman of the board. As per Market Watch, before stepping down as CEO, Cussion has been leading the company as its chief since 2016.

Now, as he assumes the role of the board’s chairman, Tong Tao Sang will make his exit after resigning. Tong will be replaced by Cussion after serving for five years.

On the other hand, Ross has been Tencent’s vice president since 2016 before being assigned to the CEO role at TME. He has worked at Huawei Technology Corp. before joining Tencent.

“I am delighted to have Ross join our team as the CEO,” Cussion said as he welcomes the new chief in a press release. “Ross’ proven track record in building successful online entertainment platforms and social ecosystems, combined with his breadth of experience delivering strong results through successful expansion into new business areas, makes him ideally suited to accelerate our evolution into an all-in-one online music and audio entertainment destination in China.”

About Ross Liang

Once Ross takes the helm at Tencent Music, he will be working closely with Cussion to ensure that the company will maintain good relationships with its subscribers, shareholders and business partners. He started working at Tencent in 2003 and held executive positions before transferring to TME.

He has also worked at businesses within Tencent including QQ Music, YouTu Lab, Tencent Docs, WeSing and more. He graduated from Tianjin University in 2003 for his doctorate degree in signal and information processing. Finally, Ross said he is honored to lead Tencent Music as CEO and looking forward to working with Cussion.

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