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‘Valheim’ gameplay tips: 5 things beginners must know before joining the survival game

From the “Valheim” Early Access trailer | Photo credit: Coffee Stain / YouTube screenshot

“Valheim” just reached another milestone this week after it sold four million copies in less than a month from launching on Steam Early Access. With more players joining, it will be helpful to go through some vital tips to achieve a better experience in exploring the survival game.

Look out for necessary supplies and resources

Noting that “Valheim” is an exploration and survival game, it should not come as a surprise that gathering supplies will be one of the most common activities players will do. Beginners should realize this as soon as they start the game and keep an eye on resources that will eventually become necessary in building camps, houses, and other infrastructures in the game.

Wood and stones are some of the first kinds of sources “Valheim” players will have to collect to start building and crafting. Gathering them is fairly easy as well. Wood can be collected by punching down trees or collecting scattered branches on the ground. Stones also come from the rocks that can be found on the ground.

Even old buildings have their use

Gathering supplies should also become a habit while “Valheim” players are out exploring different areas wherever biome they are. In that case, they should not skip the old and dilapidated buildings because these can be demolished to be turned into useful scraps. This will require the Hammer, which can be crafted with three woods and two stones.

Repairs are free in early access

The sources “Valheim” players will gather are mostly to be used for building and crafting. It was previously confirmed that repairing weapons and other tools will be free while the game is in early access. This can be done through the Workbench, by tapping on the small hammer icon beside the crafting menu.

Every building needs a sturdy foundation

Building structures is another activity that is the core of “Valheim’s” gameplay. For beginners, one of the first thing they have to do even before they can put up a structure is building a foundation.

Whether players are working on a home or a camp, a well-built foundation is the first thing they have to accomplish. Just like in real life, building a good foundation in “Valheim” starts with finding a flat surface. Then, using the Hoe (crafted with five woods and two stones), players can level the ground to make it more even. Those looking to establish a home can also lay down wooden tiles before they start building.

Improve storage options by increasing carry weight capacity

With all the gathering of resources players will do in “Valheim,” the inventory space becomes one of the key elements in the game. The gameplay currently does not allow upgrades on this aspect, which means it cannot be expanded. But there are other ways to store items in the game.

One easy way to do it is through buying the Megingjord from Haldor the Merchant, but this will cost 950 Gold Coins. That is a steep price for any beginner, but this will instantly increase a player’s carry weight to 450. additional carry weight can also be achieved by crafting a Cart that requires 20 bronze nails and 20 woods.

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