Keahna  Margeson

Keahna Margeson

PhD, Interdisciplinary, September 2021-ongoing- Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

MS in Sociology, Thesis: Understanding City parks as New Common Pool Resources: A Case Study of the Dakota Nature Park. December 2018 – South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

BS in Sociology, Minor in Psychology, Honors Program, December 2015 – South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

Research Ethics Board Member, Social Sciences and Humanities, Dalhousie, 2021- present
Assist researchers in application of three fundamental principles of research: respect for persons, concern for welfare, and justice
Review research applications
Consider ethics aspects of research protocol
Assessment of annual or other reports

Student Affairs Committee, Representative-Elect, Council Member, International Association for Society and Natural Resources, 2021-present
Foster interdisciplinary approaches for students studying social and ecological sciences
Create welcoming atmosphere to engage students in professional development activities
Communicate with students about learning and professional development opportunities
Liasson between Council and student members
Generate professional outreach materials

Social Science Research Support, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Environmental Protection Agency in Duluth, MN, January 2019-2021
Qualitative data analysis
Translation of findings through reports, journal articles, and technical briefings
Adhering to project structure and deadlines
Oral and written communication to technical audiences, supervisors, and colleagues

Board Member, Friends of Lake Superior Reserve, Superior, WI, June 2019-2021
Contribute to creation and implementation of communication plan
Contribute to creation and implementation of strategic action plan
Design and implementation of organization website
Outreach and communication, emphasizing equity and inclusion

Social media and communications management

Northwoods Women in Science, 2020-present

Journal article

Sherren, K., Margeson, K., Chen, Y., J.R, P., & Smit, M. (in review). Digital Impact Assessment. In T. Fischer, S. Bice, U. J. Thakur, M. Montano, B. Noble, & F. Retief (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Impact Assessment.
Zhao, Q.; Chen, Y.; Gone Pallavi, K.; Wells, E.; Margeson, K,; Sherren, K. (in review). Modelling cultural ecosystem services in agricultural dykelands and tidal wetlands to inform climate adaptation decisions: a social media data approach. Marine Policy.

Eisenhauer, E., Williams, K., Margeson, K., Paczuski, S., Mulvaney, K. Hano, M.C. 2020. Advancing translational research in environmental science: The role and impact of social science. Environmental Science & Policy.
Reports and data

Williams, K., Margeson, K., Paczuski, S., Clarke, R., Auker, K., Hoffman, J. 2020. Beneficial Use of Dredge Material Decision Tool. RESES Final Report. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth MN, EPA/600/R-20/409.
Williams, K., Margeson, K., Paczuski, S., and Hoffman, J. 2019. Mud Lake Future Alternatives Community Values and Health Impacts Analysis. Data set. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth, MN, EPA/600/F19/054.

Oral Presentations

Angradi, T, S. Green, T. Hollenhorst, J. Josephs, J. Launspach, K. Margeson, S. Paczuski, M. Wick, K. Williams, and J. Witts. Learning at Pickle Ponds: What does R2R2R look like in a place. St. Louis River Summit, Duluth, MN, March 1-3, 2021.

Paczuski, S., K. Margeson, K. Williams, and J. Hoffman. Decision support for the beneficial use of dredged material. International Association of the Great Lakes (IAGL) Virtual Meeting, Duluth, MN, June 4-5, 2020.

Paczuski, S., K. Margeson, K. Williams, and J. Hoffman. Supporting decision-making through analysis of the beneficial reuse of dredged materials in the St. Louis River. St Louis River Summit, Duluth, MN, March 3-4, 2020.

Poster Presentations

Margeson, K, S. Paczuski, K. Williams and J. Hoffman. Using the R3 Paradigm to understand decision making in beneficial use of dredged material projects. St. Louis River Summit, Duluth, MN, March 3-4, 2020.

Margeson, K. Cultivating collaboration in a public park: A case study of the Dakota Nature Park as a common pool resource. International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2018.

Margeson, K. Promise for Pine Ridge: What are the perceived effects of Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. being federally recognized as a Promise Zone? SDSU Sociology 90th Anniversary Research Symposium, 2016.

Let coastlines be coastlines: How nature-based approaches can protect Canada's coasts

Nov 19, 2023 05:51 am UTC| Nature

Along Canadian coasts, storm surges and flooding have gone from breaking news to seasonal norms. Phenomena Canadians have historically thought of as freak natural disasters are becoming regular predictable...



Western Pharma Shifts Focus from China to India Amid Rising Geopolitical Tensions

Western drugmakers are increasingly turning to alternative sources for drug production and clinical trials, shifting their attention away from Chinese contractors. According to industry experts and executives, this...

Stellantis and Italian Government Discuss Measures to Increase Car Production

Stellantis has initiated in-depth discussions with the Italian government with the primary objective of bolstering car production within the country. This collaborative effort aims to boost economic growth and streamline...

How governments use IMF bailouts to hurt political opponents – new research

Sri Lanka received a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in March amid soaring inflation, debt and a sovereign default. In exchange for US$3 billion (2.4 billion), the government committed to spending...

The government just killed 50 infrastructure projects – what matters is whether it will fund them on merit from now on

The federal government has just announced a list of projects to be abandoned as a result of an independent strategic review of its infrastructure investment program. The review found the cost of the A$120 billion,...

Interim housing isn't just a roof and four walls. Good design is key to getting people out of homelessness

State governments across the country have plans to increase social and affordable housing to address ballooning waitlists. While necessary, this wont be enough to clear the backlog of people waiting for public...


What Joe Biden's meeting with Xi Jinping means for geopolitical tensions

U.S. President Joe Biden has engaged in a crucial face-to-face meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco. This high-stakes diplomatic encounter was...

How a new identity-focused ideology has trapped the left and undermined social justice

Yasha Mounks new book, The Identity Trap: A Story of Ideas and Power in Our Time, explores a radical progressive ideology that has been taking the world by storm. From its unlikely beginnings in esoteric scholarly theories...

Rwanda plan: Rishi Sunak has insisted on pushing ahead – here's where he could take it next

The UK supreme court has ruled against the governments plan to deport some asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing. But this isnt the end of the story a version of the plan is likely to resurface in some form. The initial...

Myanmar’s military junta appears to be in terminal decline

Myint Swe, the acting president of Mynamars military government, has warned that the country will be split into various parts after his armed forces suffered huge territorial losses to resistance fighters recently. His...

China: why there has been a sudden 'surge' of antisemitism in the People's Republic

During the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, many nations have tried to maintain a neutral stance by not explicitly supporting either side. But despite attempts at balanced commentaries at the top of business and...


NASA's first successful recovery of asteroid samples may reveal information about the origins of the universe

The OSIRIS-REx mission is NASAs first mission to collect samples from an asteroid in this case 101955 Bennu and return to Earth. OSIRIS-REx is an acronym for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification,...

Did this chemical reaction create the building blocks of life on Earth?

How did life begin? How did chemical reactions on the early Earth create complex, self-replicating structures that developed into living things as we know them? According to one school of thought, before the current era...

Will Saturn's rings really 'disappear' by 2025? An astronomer explains

If you can get your hands on a telescope, there are few sights more spectacular than the magnificent ringed planet Saturn. Currently, Saturn is clearly visible in the evening sky, at its highest just after sunset. Its...

Specialized training programs using sensory augmentation devices could prevent astronauts from getting disoriented in space

When landing on the surface of the Moon, astronauts can become spatially disoriented, which is when they lose sense of their orientation they might not be able to tell which way is up. This disorientation can lead to...

Is some of the body that collided with Earth to form the Moon still recognisable inside our planet?

Scientists have dated the birth of the Solar System to about 4.57 billion years ago. About 60 million years later a giant impact collision between the infant Earth and a Mars-sized body called Theia created the...


Software Issue Disrupts Didi Rides, Upsetting Commuters Across China

Didi Global Inc., Chinas equivalent of Uber Technologies Inc., faced a significant setback due to a software malfunction. This technical hiccup led to widespread service outages, impacting numerous commuters. Many...

Shanghai Investment Firm 5Y Capital Nears $700 Million Funding Goal Amidst Tech Sector Challenges

Shanghais 5Y Capital, a significant player in venture funding, is nearing its ambitious goal of securing $700 million for a new venture fund. This achievement signals a resurgence of investor interest in the global...

European Tech Sector Faces Challenges and Shows Resilience Amid Global Economic Shifts

The European technology sector is navigating a challenging economic environment, as evidenced by recent data from venture capital firm Atomico. This year, European startups are expected to raise around $42 billion, a...

Hexa, Paris's Quiet Powerhouse in the Startup World

Tucked away in Paris, Hexa, a startup studio, has quietly made waves in the business-to-business (B2B) software realm. Though Hexa may not be a household name, its the force behind several successful unicorns like Front,...

Amazon Launches New Serverless Solutions to Simplify Database Management

Amazon recently unveiled its latest advancements in serverless technology during the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. These innovations aim to simplify the management of Aurora, Elastic Cache, and Redshift serverless...
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